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Clipon Sunglasses
Traditional clip-ons are no longer the most convenient sunglasses for nearsighted people. Magnetic clip-ons are the latest technology, bringing more convenience to YOU!

Model : CO014
Nice oval magnetic clipon frame .
3 colors available.

Size :
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Price : $ 49.00 USD

Model : CO010

Size :
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Price : $ 49.00 USD

Model : CO008
Gunmetal with black temple .

Size :
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Try Now (Beta) Available!
Price : $ 49.00 USD

Size descriptions
W Width of one lens of the frame.
B Bridge size.
T Temple length.
H Lens height.
TW Total width of the frame.
n/a Customized size. Lens will be cut to fit your face.

O4L Mini Icons
Small lens width , adult size frame recommanded for inserting high prescription lenses . This allows lenses to be Thinner and lighter .
Kids size . Choice for parents .
Lens height is tall enough and recommanded for bifocals and progressive lenses .
Very big frames . Designed for GIANT heads .

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