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Eyeglasses > Clipon > CO021
Frame Color Selected :  

Super light plastic hidden magnetic clip-on sunglasses You can add $35.00 and buy a pair of additional CLIP lenses (gray-original) or basket color. Drawings Total 2 pairs of CLIP-on lens(Polarized lens.)

Lens width (not include the frame width) 53 mm length of the temples. 140 mm
lens height (not include the frame width) 43 mm
total width of the frame (including both sides of the temples) 132 mm
Width of the bridge 18 mm

Progressives Options :
ALL Progresssive AvailableGood for all kinds of progressive reading glasses

Price : $ 69.00 USD
Use Of Your Glasses
Distance only ( Single vision )
For distance vision , normal use .
Reading only ( Single vision )
Wear when you are reading .
Multi-focal ( Bi-Focal / Progressive )
Distance at upper side of the lens and reading use at lower side .
Frame only ( No lens )

Wearer Detail
Name :
Age :
Size of your head : (Optional)
Size of your present (wearing) frame ( For reference only , optional )
Lens width: (mm) Temple length: (mm)
Lens height: (mm) Total frame width: (mm)
Prescription Information
Year of Prescription ( Optional ):
Pupillary Distance (P.D.) :
Sphere Cylinder Axis Prism Add
* Additional $ 59 USD will be charged if your cylinder <= -2.75 or >= +2.75
* Additional $ 3 USD will be charged for each degree of prism correction on each lens .
Bifocal Lens Options
Normal Lens
Not Available
Flat top Bifocal lens [ Info ]
Standard Multi-focal Progressive Lens 1.49 [ Info ]
High index 1.56 Multi-focal Progressive Lens [ Info ]
1.6 index polycarbonate progressives . Unbreakable [ Info ]
Super high index 1.67 Multi-focal progressive Lens [ Info ]
PRECISION ® customized progressive lenses. Recommended by Optometrists. The ultimate comfortable progressive lenses!
Not Available
Customized Progressive Lenses 1.50 [ Info ]
Customized 1.53 index SAFEWEAR progressives . Unbreakable [ Info ]
Customized super high index 1.67 Multi-focal progressive lenses [ Info ]
Customized polarize multi-focal progressive lenses. [ Info ]
Photochromic Multi-focal lenses ( Clear Indoor , Darken Outdoor )
Not Available
High Index 1.56 photochromic progressive lenses.[ Info ]
PRECISION ® customized photochromic progressive lenses.
Recommended by Optometrists.The ultimate-quality progressive lenses!
Cuztomized 1.56 index photochromic progressive lenses Not Available
Cuztomized 1.56 index photochromic progressive lenses. [ Info ]
Customized high index 1.67 Transitions progressive lenses Not Available
Customized high index 1.67 Transitions progressive lenses. [ Info ]
Clear Single Vision Lenses
Plastic Lenses
Not Available
Hi-Index 1.56 Standard Lens [ info ] [ Included ]
AS® Hi-Max®
1.6 index polycarbonate "Bullet-proof" material, perfect for rimless glasses [ info ]
Ultra thin 1.67 Aspheric Lens - Ultrathin [ info ]
Universe super high index 1.74 Aspheric Lens - Thinnest Plastic [ info ]
Lenticular (Myodisc) Lens [ info ]
Mineral (glass) Lenses
Not Available
Super High index 1.8® - Superthin glasses [ info ]
Extrem High index 1.9® - Thinnest glasses [ info ]
Myothin® Lenticular (Myodisc) Lens [ info ]
Photochromic Singel Vision Lenses.
Hi-index 1.56 Phoptochromic Lenses.
Not Available
Traditional colors [ info ]
Unique colors [ info ]
* Additional $ 99 US will be added if your Lens power lower than -5.00 and higher than +2.00
Sunglasses Option
Mirror coating
Smoke-Flash-Silver mirror coating . This coating can be added on ANY base color tints .
Notice : Additional $30 USD will be added while tinting Ultra thin 1.67 lens .
Notice : Additional $98 USD will be added while tinting Myodisc (Myothin) lens .
Add a Customized Polarize Clipon Sunlens ? (Optional)
Lens Treatments
Included Premium Multi-coating
Our premium multi-coating included Top quality Anti-Reflective coating , Scratch resistance and water proof . (No anti-reflective coating will be applied on tinted lens )
Premium Anti-Radiation Coating (computer glasses)
Our unique premium anti-radiation coating is new technology that applied to optical glasses . The conductive coatings block 99.9% ELF/VLF E-field radiation from damaging your eyes . Always recommended for users who often face computer and TV screens .
Blue-Shield coating - Your blue light protection [ + $ 39 ]
Blocks 90% of blue light(380nm~ 500nm). Glasses with Blue-Shield coating may increase comfort when you're viewing digital devices for extended periods of time. Gives you the best comfort for your eyes, and protect your mitochondria from damaging inside the cell of your retina. [ Here's how Blue-Shield coating works ]
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