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Why I should buy from optical4less ? 
Price, Quality and Technology.

Price : We offer the lowest possible price to everyone ! We have done a tremendous amount of market research and we found that prices of the retail eyewear are extremely high in the U.S. , Canada and Europe , you can buy approximately 4-6 pairs of eyeglasses in Optical4less with the same price for one pair of eyeglasses from your local optical shop. The average price for one pair of eyeglasses in the USA is around $140 , while our price is as low as $29 ! ( We are comparing the same quality of eyewear. In most cases, the prices on our higher quality selections even beat theirs with lower quality.) 

High quality : We have 23 years experience in the field. We offer all customers a really low price , our products are always high quality. All the lens from Optical4less are multi-functional: Thinner and lighter than polycarbonate lens , Anti-reflective coating , Prevent from harmful rays , 100 % UV Protection , Water proof and Scratch Resistant. 
Attention : All Lens from OPTICAL4LESS also include the above functions , no need to for extra charge !! 
Besides, Optical4less has more than FOUR Registered Optometrists, each pair of eyeglasses is inspected by Hong Kong Registered Optometrists to ensure the accuracy of the prescription and proper alignment of the frame. 

New Technology : We have the latest technology in lens cutting to ensure durability and quick turnaround; Other new technology products include Magnetic Clip-on, Computer glasses and our featured durable bendable alloy frames, just to name a few.
What information should I provide for my customize eyewear ?
All you need to provide us is your prescription information .
You will have this 'Rx form ' from your optometrist . Just fill in the blanks in our order form and we will customize your eyeglasses to your prescription .
I cannot receive any email / confirmation email from Optical4less?
Check your 'spam' or 'bulk' folder of your mailbox if it exist.  Our emails may be delivered to there.
Please don't forget to flag our emails as 'non-spam'.
How long do I need to wait for my glasses ?
There are only 3 stages to complete your order . Some options may require longer :
Stage 1Order received and reviewed by our Optometrists5 to 48 hours
Stage 2Lens crafting , mounting and eyeglasses packagings5 to 8 days
Stage 3Shipping by registered air mail7 to10 days
Do you accept Credit Card  payment ?  
Yes , we do. We accept Credit Cards and Paypal 
I m new to Paypal , How can I pay by Credit Cards via PayPal ?
We have a tutorial for the customers who are to Paypal.com
Check this page to learn how to register and pay by Credit Card
What can I do if the glasses have any problem ?

As we have been running our business for over 23 years plus , with our FOUR registered Optometrists on site, each pair of eyeglasses is inspected by Hong Kong registered Optometrists to ensure the accuracy of the prescriptions and proper alignments of the frames. 
We assume accurate prescription information from you when you fill out the order form . However, if you find that the prescription discomforts you, 
please check with your optometrists to verify your prescription. If you feel that our glasses needs adjustments, most local optical shops provide free adjustments on glasses. 
Do you have any quality Guarantee ?
Yes ! We are proud to provide you with a 30 days quality guarantee !
If you find that we customize your glasses with the wrong prescription in 30 days, We will replace them with the correct ones.
All you need to pay is the shipping fee of your glasses . 
However, please make sure that the prescription error is not from data input when filling out the order form. In that case, no lens replacements will be provided . To verify if there is a prescription mistake made by us. Take your glasses to your nearest optical store . They will be glad to help you verify your glasses' prescription .
What if I need my glasses urgently ?
Use our 'First Priority Service' .
Our First priority service is a premium service which allow our customers get their glasses within a week(mostly) . This service include the followings :
1) First priority glasses crafting . No waiting time which will shorten the crafting period from originial 14 days to 1~3 days.
2) After the glasses finished , we'll ship the packlage via 'Speedpost' which shortened the delivery day from 8-10 days to 1-3 days .

The price of our first priority service is floating . The more order we are making , the higher the cost of the service .

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