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Special Making Eyeglasses Orders

Optical4Less is the true eyeglasses professionals. Our team is highly experienced in eyeglasses prescription lenses shaping and customized lenses design. We can even make impossible eyeglasses!
  • Special Lens thickness
  • Extreme Prescription eyeglasses
  • Customized lenses for special purpose ...etc GOC (glasses over contacts)
  • Any special glasses requests you can imagine ...

We'll contact you ASAP with the price quote .
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You may want to see some samples here :
  Nothing is impossible . - 2.00 power , 12 mm lens thickness !?
17mm edge thickness , -30.00 power made in low index meterials .
18mm edge thickness , -18.00 power made in extremly low index meterials .
+16.00 power lens inserted into retangular frame .
+15.00 in round frame . Centre thickness 15 mm

Please contact our professionals with the following information :
  • Name
  • Address
  • Frame model number
  • Your special requests

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