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1001 Feedback By Ms. Fong From ON Canada 2008 FEB
Wow. I am so impressed with the service and the product! The prescription is perfect, the frame looks excellent and the lenses are very clear! Just like the ones from Lenscrafters! You seriously can't even tell the difference. An excellent job! Shipping was impressive! It took only 3 days from shipping date until it arrived at my door all the way in Toronto, ON (Canada)!

I will most definitely be ordering from Optical4Less again - The value and quality is unbeatable! I will be recommending your services to all my friends and family!

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1002 Feedback By Mr 2008 FEB
Excellent service once more, as has been with all purchases from Optical4Less. I've paid just over 20GBP for a pair of prescription sunglasses that would have been 8-10 times that amount in the high street.

Effortless ordering process as well, and the whole thing took about 10 days from web order to receiving them in my hands !! Wonderful !

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1003 Feedback By Mr From CA USA 2008 JAN
My glasses arrived in a couple of weeks after I ordered them. They were exactly as described & look much more expensive than what they cost.

I have been telling all of my friends where they should be buying their glasses from. Thank you Optical4Less.
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1004 Feedback By Ms. Christine Hogan 2008 JAN
I ordered my first pair of rimless, transition lenses from 04L late summer while traveling on the road in my Recreational Vehicle. Your customer service was so helpful when I had questions and concerns as a first-time customer. I am happy to say that the glasses arrived in a timely manner and in excellent condition. They fit perfectly and they look great. The transition lenses work very well in the bright Arizona sunshine where I am staying for the winter. I am very pleased. I did not want to submit a testimonial until I had given my new glasses several months of use to see how they would hold up. I am very pleased with the quality of your product and will be ordering another pair of glasses soon. I have been spreading the word about your website and encourage my friends to see for themselves how easy it is to order online from your reputable company. Thank you! Christine Hogan
United States
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1005 Feedback By Mr richard pullen From fl USA 2008 JAN
I was not surprised to find my order perfectly gratifying again. After all, its my 5th and 6th pair I've ordered from you. Why would anyone shop elsewhere for RX glasses? Optical4less glasses are great, yet courtesy, will always be your virtue.
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1006 Feedback By Ms. may-ann estrella From ca USA 2008 JAN
This is my first time to purchase glasses online because I wasn't really sure about it being a real company or not,but I went ahead and tried O4L,and was surprised about the outcome.My boyfriend saw it first and he said that it was very nice and wouldn't believe me when I told him how much it was.I was surprised too,when I saw it I was like wow....it is nice and very affordable too. So, I told my mom and she tried it too....and of course she was also surprised of how clear her glasses were.I would really recommend it.I'm actually going to get another one for back up.Thanks O4L...you guys are the best.If I ever need new glasses you guys would be the first one I would think of.Thanks again for your quality and affordable glasses.

Ms.Estrella's new rimless glasses (RL023)

[ Model : rl023 ]

"Thanks O4L...you guys are the best!"

[ Model : rl023 ]

"If I ever need new glasses you guys would be the first one I would think of."

[ Model : rl023 ]

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1007 Feedback By Mr GEOFFREY From Lancashire UK 2008 JAN
Dear Mr. Poon,

The glasses arrived on the morning of Saturday 12th January, just 8 days after my order was placed, including a weekend, and four days after they left your premises.

A first class service - the prescription lenses are excellent but I think I chose the wrong frames. Next time I'll be more careful, - my fault not yours.

Thank you for speaking with my son's secretary. He will be back in the UK for a few days at the end of the month. It certainly wasn't necessary to ask you to deliver the glasses to him !!

Very sincerely, Geoffrey Hyman.

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1008 Feedback By Mr Adam Rosenberg From NY USA 2008 JAN
I just received my first O4L glasses today, only 11 days after placing my order, and they look great! The prescription appears perfect, the work precise and professional, and the frames look even better on me than in the Try Now image. No hitches, no problems, quick, easy, and fast. Your price is at least 1/4th the price of anything comparable I've looked at here in New York City! While not quite the quality of Ray-Ban or Dolce & Gabbana frames, for this price they're close enough! I definitely recommend Optical4Less!

"The frames look even better on me than in the Try Now image."

[ Model : p103 ]

"No hitches, no problems, quick, easy, and fast....."

[ Model : p103 ]

Adam is very pleased with his new P103 eyeglasses.

[ Model : p103 ]

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1009 Feedback By Mr 2008 JAN
Once again Albert, Fiona and the staff at Optical 4 Less has produced an exceptional product at an unbelieveably reasonable price. Questions and concerns are always answered immediately as customer service and satisfaction is their top priority. This recent purchase is not my first nor will it be my last.

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1010 Feedback By Mr Chris Hughes From Gwynedd UK 2008 JAN
When I ordered these glasses to my prescription,along with the extras I wanted,I was amazed at the price! The last pair of glasses I ordered from My High Street Opticians cost twice the amount.
I received an E- Mail on the 5th of January informing me they were being shipped from Hong Kong,I was wearing them on the 9th of January!
Unbeatable quality and service,I will be buying all my glasses from Opticals4Less inthe future.
Many thanks,Chris.
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1011 Feedback By Ms. Sylvia From Lancashire UK 2008 JAN

Here is a photo of me wearing my new varifocal specs that arrived today. Excellent quality and value, thank you

''Here is a photo of me wearing my new varifocal specs that arrived today. Excellent quality and value''

[ Model : hr034 ]

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1012 Feedback By Mr 2008 JAN
Glasses arrived as fast as they would from a local store. Great quality and fit. I will keep on buying with O4L in the future
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1013 Feedback By Mr Gunnar Vaaaga 2008 JAN
Best service as always.
I've now been using my new glasses from Opticl4Less for three months. They are so good.

[ Model : rl037 ]

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1014 Feedback By Ms. 2007 DEC
I am very pleased with my new glasses, they are light and fit well, the quality is high. I never purchased eyeglasses by internet before but I surely will order again. To arrive to France, it took about one month but the glasses arrived safely, well packaged in a nice hard case and a cleaning rag.

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1015 Feedback By Mr 2007 DEC
Not only was I nervous as a first time online buyer, but had also been using a back up pair for near a week before I ordered. The glasses arrived safely, well packaged with nice cases and a cleaning rag; all in great condition. The glass fit well and look good. The lenses are perfect, without a scratch.

I will be ordering 2 or 3 Rx sunglasses in the new year (thanks to my flex spending plan). Now I have the wonderful problem of what pair to pick today.
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1016 Feedback By Mr Terence Taylor From Cheshire UK 2007 DEC
Thank you once again Optical4less, this is my fifth pair of glasses from yourselfs, and once again I am very pleased with the quality and the speed of shipment.

I certainly recommend you to all my collegues and friends.

Keep up the good work.
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1017 Feedback By Mr From New York USA 2007 DEC
Fast shipping, nice glass, I love it!
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1018 Feedback By Dr Michael From Herts. UK 2007 DEC
I've now been using my new semi-rimless glasses from Opticl4Less for
three months. They are so good, I want to let everyone know!

Although they are rather strong, at about -20D, the weight is not bad
and they are very comfortable to wear full time.

Several friends have made nice comments. Most surprisingly, during
recent travel in Asia my wife and I, tourists from Europe, were twice
asked by local strangers to pose for a photo; by a young couple in Hanoi
and by two young girls in Hoi An. My wife thinks it was my glasses which
attracted the interest and I think she is right.

Because I chose a frame which was overstocked and chose 1.8 index glass
lenses, they were remarkably cheap. I suppose this was helped by the
strength of the UK pound at present.

Don't hesitate to buy - Optical4Less has some real craftspeople making
their products!

Kind regards,

Michael Gifkins

Don't hesitate to buy - Optical4Less has some real craftspeople making their products!

[ Model : hr030 ]

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1019 Feedback By Ms. Lorraine Dale From CA USA 2007 DEC
I bought these for my boyfriend and he is so happy with them that not only is he planning to buy more, he tells all of his friends about this website!
You are the greatest!
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1020 Feedback By Ms. Lorraine Dale From CA USA 2007 DEC
The personalized help with these orders has always been great - any questions that I have had have always been answered immediately. Best service, best price of any glasses I've found!
Thank you!
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1021 Feedback By Mr Robert Stelzle From SD USA 2007 DEC
I looked around the internet and was suprised that Optical 4 Less could beat all the other competition. I found some very nice glasses (rimless and sunglasses) for the price of one pair of glasses at other internet sites. The products arrived in less than two weeks and are excellent in terms of fit and vision. I'm very pleased with this company and plan on doing more business in the future. RS
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1022 Feedback By Mr Michael 2007 DEC
I have to admit that purchasing glasses online at first made me real skeptical. I really did not know how they would turn out. Nevertheless I decided to make the splash and take a chance on a purchase. It turns out that the HR040 glasses I recieved 10 days later are perfect on the spot. The fit is just right, the comfort is tremendous, and most importantly the prescription is just like what I wanted it to be.
Everyone in my family has given me compliments and asked me where I bought them. Literally my glasses are POPPIN FRESH YO! My experience ordering through this site has not fallen anywhere short of my expectations. Customer service (I am looking at you Fiona ^-^) was very responsive and helpful. The wide selection of stylish frames available to choose from made it difficult to make a selection but hey thats not a bad thing at all.
Overall my first purchase from this site will not be my last purchase. I will definitely continue to do business here the next time a pair of glasses is needed. In the meantime, this company can expect to see orders from my friends and family!
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1023 Feedback By Mr Colin From Berks UK 2007 DEC
Received within 11days of ordering, excellent service. I found the ordering service easy to use and am very pleased with the overall quality - highly recommended.
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1024 Feedback By Ms. Tham Hoang From TX USA 2007 DEC
These glasses are wonderful far exceeding my expectations. I dropped my expensive prescription glasses in my yard and it got mowed down. To my surprise, the glasses from Optical 4 Less are just the same quality and I can see everything great. I am very grateful for the speed of the delivery and the quality of the glasses. I do highly recommend Optical 4 Less to anyone.
Mrs Tham Hoang
8019 Ensemble Dr
Houston, TX 77040
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1025 Feedback By Mr Jerry From CA USA 2007 DEC
I am a first time customer and am very pleased with these glasses. I was unsure at the beginning about on-line ordering of prescription glasses, but it worked out wonderfully. The glasses are very comfortable, and I ware them everyday (I rotate). Customer service is excellent; Fiona was very prompt, courteous and efficient. I will be ordering more pairs for different looks. For the price of these glasses, I can afford to have different colors and styles to suit my many moods ;) I highly recommend O4L.
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