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1076 Feedback By Ms. Nicole Aptekar From CA USA 2007 SEP
Wow I loved these glasses. They fit perfectly, were super-sharp, and I even got pink-tinted ones to match my hair! (worth it!)

I've since ordered again, and I'm telling all my friends!

I loved these glasses. They fit perfectly and were super-sharp.

[ Model : ma045 ]

"I even got pink-tinted ones to match my hair! worth it! "

[ Model : p085 ]

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1077 Feedback By Mr Gary Budd From Oxfordshire UK 2007 SEP
I was a bit skeptical of ordering through anyone but an optician, but after reading many reviews on the net, thought I would take the plunge.

After looking at many sites, Optical4Less came across as a professional looking website, with an excellent choice of glasses and a good pricing structure.

I ordered 2 pairs of glasses and was told they would take around 14 days to deliver - but they were here in 6 days !!! I was amazed, and the quality of the glasses is excellent - easily as good as what I would normally pay 8 times the amount for in our local optician.

I couldn't recommend these highly enough. Already several of my Work Colleagues and Family members have taken the details of the o4L website and will placing orders shortly.
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1078 Feedback By Mr From CA USA 2007 SEP
Simply amazing service!
I had my eye examined and was told lenses start at 90 dollars and frame at 100. I went to many places and no where was cheap as O4L. On O4L I bought two pairs, rimless and sunglass both prescription for only 100. Shipping is amazingly fast considering its from hong kong. Took only nine days! I was in shock when it showed up to my door. Even better, they fit my head perfectly. My last pair from optometrist did not fit and I had to get it adjusted many times (and pay for it everytime). This time both glasses fit and quality of frame and lenses just feel much better (ie not cheap!). People can't believe I bought both for about 100. They cannot believe I can get this kind of quality online and this kind of selection. In fact O4L has more frames and lenses than my optomtrist. I'm very tempted to get couple more with cool options like transition lenses and antireflection coating. Simply put, awesome place, you cannot get better than this when it comes to shopping for eyeglasses.
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1079 Feedback By Ms. From CA USA 2007 SEP
Optical4Less was great. I ordered two pairs of glasses from them (one rimless, hingeless pair with transitions lenses and one plastic framed pair with regular lenses) - both were spot on and were shipped quickly. The transitions work quickly and the frames are of good quality. I've just recently begun ordering my glasses online, after tiring of spending hundreds just to get one pair from the local shop, and will definitely order from O4L again.
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1080 Feedback By Mr Benjamin From New Mexico USA 2007 SEP
These are great glasses! I was a little skeptical of ordering online, but optical4less has really proven themselves. The glass arrived in under 2 weeks from the moment I clicked submit. They arrived with a perfect prescription, and great anti-glare. I am going to be ordering a pair of sunglasses, as well as another pair of glasses. With the prices as good as they are it is easy to order a few pairs so I can change style with the day. Thanks again, you've got a customer for life!
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1081 Feedback By Mr Barry From Devon UK 2007 SEP
Speedy service and good quality at a fraction of the price of high street stores.
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1082 Feedback By Ms. Kelly From Kentucky USA 2007 SEP
Glasses arrived in beautiful condition. The prescription, the lenses, and the structure of the frame are fantastic. I will recommend your site to many friends. Thanks so much for a trouble-free experience in regard to ordering, shipping, and the final product. You have gained a loyal customer.
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1083 Feedback By Mr Mark Corrigan From Ohio USA 2007 SEP
Outstanding quality, my glasses far exceeded my expectations... I will very definitely order again with full confidence. Less than two weeks from order to delivery, too!! I checked a lot of web sites, and optical4less, even though not the least expensive, had rave reviews.

I will recommend optical4less to all my friends.
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1084 Feedback By Ms. Piritta Jalonen 2007 SEP
Thank you so much! Three years ago my optician said I did'nt have a chance of getting rimless frames because of my strong prescription (-6). Today I got the pair of rimless glasses I ordered from O4L. I was suprised, the quality of lenses is very good (they are crystal bright and feel really firm and long-lasting) and the frame fits perfectly into my head. And the problem, that my optician warned about - small eyes and thick looking lenses is faraway from these glasses. My co-workers have been amazed after hearing the price and the origin of my new glasses. And just to mention, my boyfriend loves them too.
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1085 Feedback By Mr Bruce Hadley From South Auckland New Zealand 2007 SEP
When I placed my order, it was with trepidation and hope that the goods that arrived would be as per my prescription, and stylish enough.

10 days later, they arrived, and they are everything i hoped for and more. The glasses are fantastic, they look great, and the prescription is spot on. I will recommend this company to everyone I know.

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1086 Feedback By Mr Phillip From Florida USA 2007 SEP
I ordered 2 pairs of glasses that cost a fraction of what it cost at a local eyeglass store. I received them in about 13 days (there was a holiday that delayed them slightly). I was sceptical about the service and quality of my glasses but I figured for the price how bad could it be?
Upon receiving the package, I opened and tried on the 1st pair and was totally amazed at the quality and workmanship and the prescription was absolutely perfect!
I started to think I got lucky on the 1st pair so I opened the 2nd...PERFECT!
I can't believe the quality of these glasses. The lens is fitted precisely to the frame on both pairs, the prescrption is exact and the frames are of great quality. I highly recommend this company and have already told my whole family about it.
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1087 Feedback By Mr Dennis From CA USA 2007 SEP
I am very happy with the quality and the fast service of my glasses. One can not beat the price... excellent!!! I would not hesitate to order again and I will tell my friends and clients.
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1088 Feedback By Mr richard pullen From fl USA 2007 SEP
I have received my second order from O4L. I think, that for a few hundred dollars more, I could have had them made here and maybe they would have matched the perfection of my O4L glasses. But the extra coins could never have bought O4L's true and greatest talents....CARE & COURTESY. Your glasses are unmatched. But your Courtesy is unmatchable. Thank you so much for the smiles you sent me. I can see them clearly. You are...Wonderful!
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1089 Feedback By Ms. ELIA From CALIFORNIA USA 2007 SEP
I am extremely happy with my glasses. Great quality and exceptional value.
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1090 Feedback By Ms. Karen Heaton From Ayrshire UK 2007 SEP
Specs took 11 days to arrive from the date I placed my order, which I found was great, even my own local optician take 10 days to order my lenses in as I have bad astigmatism. Excellent quality glasses, funky dragon design - I even ordered my mum a pair as shes mad about dragons!
Prescriptions were perfect for both mine and mums. these are very similar to my old pair i paid £154 in my local opticians. Here I got mine, with blue tint and PC lenses , and mums reading glasses for only £57 delivered!
Will deffinately recommend and shop again soon - my partners after some trasitional lenses which we will be shortly ordering from you.

"These are very similar to my old pair i paid £154 in my local opticians."

[ Model : ma082 ]

Karen: "Excellent quality glasses, funky dragon design"

[ Model : ma082 ]

Karen's mum is mad about the funky dragon design

[ Model : ma082 ]

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1091 Feedback By Mr Robert Greenfield From FI Italy 2007 SEP
I have been purchasing eye glasses from this company for over four years. Their products are always of excellent quality. None of the frames that I have purchased has ever broken nor have the lenses for that matter. The website, though not particularly sophisticated, works well and the pictures do give an exact image of the merchandise offered. The cost of the products offered is truely competative to say least and the mailing charges are realistic.

I am more than satisfied with this company and shall continue to do business with them as they are professionals and their delivery is, by regular airmail from Hong Kong to Italy, relatively quick.

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1092 Feedback By Ms. Marte From CA USA 2007 SEP
My new glasses arrived today and they are absolutely perfect. I can even see my computer screen clearly, which I could never do with any of my previous pairs of glasses.

I found your web site through an enthusiastic recommendation on the Lifehacker web site, in reply to an article about online eyeglass retailers. It looked good to me then, and through my new glasses everything looks good to me now!

Thank you. I will recommend you to all my friends.

Marte's blog review: Letters From Home
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1093 Feedback By Mr Thomas From AZ USA 2007 SEP
Very happy with the eyeglass I received. I took a chance buying it on the internet, but the eyeglass I received is cheaper & a better product than the eyeglass I bought at the place where I got my prescription from, which charged a premium for the frame and lenses.
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1094 Feedback By Mr Steven Williams From NY USA 2007 SEP
Thank you for the glasses -- very nice craftsmanship overall.
I wore the glasses today to record a video clip, and they looked great! The high index, aspheric lenses are very natural looking for appearances before the camera. You can watch my video (in which I'm wearing the glasses) here:

I'm looking forward to placing my next order!
Sincerely, Steven Williams

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1095 Feedback By Ms. Monica 2007 AUG
Thank you for your quality product. I ordered a pair of rx sunglasses for my 16 year old son. We added the mirror coating which makes them a perfect pair for driving. The frames are sturdy and the rx is crisp and clear. My son loves them and thinks they look cool, not always an easy thing to find for a teenager. I will be a repeat customer.
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1096 Feedback By Mr Jonathan From Alberta Canada 2007 AUG
The prescription that my doctor gave me was wrong and Optical4less understood my situation and offered me new pairs for a discounted price! The new pairs are perfect! They even wanted me to keep/hold to old glasses so that I may donate them to charity.

I am glad to see that Optical4less understands the situation of people needing glasses and gave me a fast solution to my problem.

My replacement glasses are great! Optical4less solved my problem and gave me a great option to give me a new set! I have donated my old glasses to charity which is a great thing to do! I love my sun glasses!

''I love my sun glasses!'' said Jonathan.

[ Model : hr048 ]

"My replacement glasses are great!"

[ Model : ma074 ]

A side view of Jonathan's new sunglasses.

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1097 Feedback By Ms. Angela From Wiltshire UK 2007 AUG
Glasses received in good condition and very quickly - 6 days from despatch! may even have been here sooner if it hadn't been for the Bank Holiday here.

Excellent glasses very well made and strong for a pair of rimless frames. Tint works very quickly in the sun and is quite dark, which suits me fine.

Will certainly order in the future from O4L :)

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1098 Feedback By Mr Stuart Lew From Oklahoma USA 2007 AUG
Again, theorder was received perfect.

thank you, both my wife and I.
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1099 Feedback By Ms. Janice From West sussex UK 2007 AUG
Excellent product and value, together with swift, efficient service. I am very happy customer!
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1100 Feedback By Mr L. 2007 AUG
The glasses have arrived. They look wonderful and I am wearing them with pride! Thanks!
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