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1201 Feedback By Mr Max Burgess From FL USA 2007 MAR
Thanks for the beautiful glasses, I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. They are high quality. attractive and saved me over $300.00 compared to buying them from an optician here in the USA.
Like other customers, I was a little afraid to buy glasses over the internet but was rewarded when I opened the package and realized that I had purchased a quality pair of glasses that have corrected my vision back to 20/20.
Thanks again for your skill and effort,

Florida, USA
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1202 Feedback By Mr Ronald From Aberdeenshire UK 2007 MAR
You provide a Great Service. Thank You!
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1203 Feedback By Mr Marcus Sharma 2007 MAR
Absolutely amazing, this is the second time I have used O4L and the prescription is perfect every time!

Seriously stylish spectacles that my friends adore and they think I spend $100's of dollars on a pair that were only $39.

One friend is in on the secret now and like me he ordered 2 pairs as we have young children who bend and break our spectacles, at least if they get these I won't cry because O4L have such low prices.

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1204 Feedback By Ms. 2007 MAR
I love Optical4less. I got my girl friends glasses from here. She was very satisfied and very happy. All her friends commented they are very nice. We all are happy now. The lenses are not thick like before and They suited her face very much . She now looks sexy with them.
I recommended optical4less for my friends too. Hope to do business with you again

I'm very satisfied with Optical4less

Anne and her new MA033

[ Model : ma033 ]

I got my girl friends glasses from here. She was very satisfied and very happy.

[ Model : ma033 ]

" The lenses are not thick like before and They suited her face very much ."

[ Model : ma033 ]

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1205 Feedback By Mr David From Ontario Canada 2007 MAR
Ordered two pairs of glasses; one for myself (rimless) and one for my sister. They arrived right on time in two weeks (Toronto, Canada). Both are perfectly crafted and of very high quality! Hassle-free transaction. Highly recommended for its price and value! Will refer to my friends as well!

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1206 Feedback By Mr Jim Wilder From FL USA 2007 MAR
I received my glasses today fabricated and shipped from Hong Kong to Palm Harbor, Florida USA in a total of 16 days. I carefully adjusted them myself and wore them immediately. They are an excellent value. I was a bit afraid to order them through the internet and Hong Kong like this, but as it turned out there was nothing to be afraid of. And my prescription was not for an easy to make quick reader. I got the Model : HL009 flexible hingless gold frames, with progressive lenses and the ultra lite high definition 1.56 GN lens. The whole package including shipping cost me $155, but here in Florida, it would have cost about $450! Let me tell you, these are the lightest most thin flexible glasses that I have owned. The prescription seems to be spot on and they even customized my pupil distance to 32 right and 29 left per my Doctor's instructions. Most problems that I have with glasses are with the hinges. These babies have NO hinges. I am very happy and will buy again and tell my friends. O4L is a very good company and I highly recommend them. It also sold me that I could use my PayPal account as I dont like to use my credit cards on the Net. Jim Wilder, Palm Harbor, FL USA.

I am very happy and will buy again and tell my friends!

[ Model : hl009 ]

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1207 Feedback By Mr From Maine USA 2007 MAR
I have recieved the glasses and I am completely stisfied with the service in all fields, the mesurement, the time of delivery, and the quality of the glasses. thank you.
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1208 Feedback By Mr Daniel Bledsaw From NC USA 2007 MAR
Thanks for the glasses! They are awesome!!! I will tell all my
Family and friends to come to you for glasses as well!!

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1209 Feedback By Ms. Tonya Cummings From CO USA 2007 MAR
I received my glasses and I LOVE them!
Thank you for your wonderful customer service!!!
Tonya Cummings

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1210 Feedback By Mr Ronald From Aberdeenshire UK 2007 MAR
Glasses are a perfect fit and lovely style along with exceptional value and Quality. Just ordered 3 more pairs for my wife and myself. Thank You !
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1211 Feedback By Mr Eric From CA USA 2007 MAR
P087 Green - I ordered these with the Grey Transition coating on them. Got them quickly (I'm on the west coast) and the prescription is right on. The transition layer works well. Definitely good glasses and a good price. This is my all day set when it is sunny out.

MA069 Blue - Ordered this set as well to replaced my aging metal frames (quite beat up) and these are great. Fit well, tack sharp, and I got them quickly. I wear these on overcast days (I wear my transition coated glasses on sunny days, also from optical4less) and in the evenings. Very Nice. Awesome for 30 dollars, I think my last pair was over 200.

[Editor: I uploaded photo's of both of these, hope they are helpful.]

"Definitely good glasses and a good price"

[ Model : P087 ]

I wear these on overcast days and in the evenings.

[ Model : ma069 ]

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1212 Feedback By Mr Norman Sween From CA USA 2007 MAR
I've just received my order of two pair of glasses and I'm
extreemly happy with the quality and fit of both. I'm so much
so that I just ordered two more pairs. With my carelessness
of broken and lost glasses, you are the vendor I've been
looking for! Thank You,
Norm Sween
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1213 Feedback By Mr Richard Sudworth From Bucks UK 2007 MAR
When I ordered these glasses i thought: "well, they'll be ok for an

As soon as i put them on, i knew they'd be fine, and with a little
adjustment they're better than the ones i paid óG300 for at

Now wear them as my main pair of glasses, will order more soon,


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1214 Feedback By Mr Eduardo Rivera From PR USA 2007 MAR

The glasses arrived and they are just what I wanted. I'm impressed.

This is my first paying order of eyeglasses online, besides a free pair from a UK online store, which arrived with the wrong Rx. So I was a little worried about ordering online, but the prices and tactics of local stores are abusive.

The disclaimer about damage during shipment scared me a little bit, because I had a previous bad experience and the store was far away (HK-US), but the prompt responses to my emails from Fiona made O4L one of the top two choices (the other store considered is in the US).

Is different now that I got my glasses, they were in perfect shape, even the shipping box was in good condition. The free glasses from the UK store were sent in an envelope.

It took me a long time to nail down the lenghts/measurements of the glasses, so been able to specify/customize the glasses was very important (HL007). Next time ordering glasses will be as easy as ordering tea.


Eduardo Rivera

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1215 Feedback By Mr joe griffiths From england UK 2007 MAR
excellent products and first rate service.I have done business with this company for serveral years now and they have never dropped their high standards,they have my recommendation every time .
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1216 Feedback By Mr Mohammad From MD USA 2007 MAR
At first I was a little skeptical of glasses from Hong Kong, but the price was so good I had to try it. When I first got the glasses, I thought they were really cheap and of low quality because of how light they were. It wasn't until after I wore them for a few weeks that I realized how great they were. Still, I didn't want to right this review until I had these glasses for a full year to really give good feedback on them.

It has been over a year and these glasses still hold up quite well. they have very few scratches and have not been to damaged over the last year. They still look great and I still get people who compliment me on how they look as well as ask where I got them.

I have refereed several people to this site because of how happy I am with these glasses, but the best endorsement that I can give is that I am ordering my second pair today!

Optical4less is highly recommended!
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1217 Feedback By Ms. Nicola From Hampshire UK 2007 MAR
What can I say - fantastic service arrived within 14 days or order. Great product bought some rimless (HL007) and a pair of sunglasses (MA066)with a purple tint! I paid extra for thin lenses due to my high prescription and they are superb I can hardly notice that I am wearing them. Excellent packaging no chance of them being damaged in transit and look just how they are shown on your website.
Total price I paid for both pairs was 62 GBPounds, equivilent retailer in the UK wanted 250 GBPounds just for the rimless glasses and it is impossible to get a stylish pair of sunglasses in the UK.
A big thank you goes out to Optical 4 Less and I will definatley be recommending you to everyone, my husband has already decided he is going to order some after seeing the quality of mine!
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1218 Feedback By Ms. Bell From Devon UK 2007 MAR
Received our specs today. Thrilled at the quality and value. Brilliant!
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1219 Feedback By Mr Glen Barringer From CO USA 2007 MAR
Great Price & Quick Shipping (only 16 days from date of order)! Buy with confidence from Optical4less.

Thank You,
Glen Barringer
Colorado, USA
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1220 Feedback By Ms. Etta 2007 MAR
Thank you for the fast and efficiant service from your company,I have received both pairs of glasses that I ordered from your website.

They are fantastic and I am more than pleased with them,I am now going to order a new pair of sunglasses ,and look forward to buying from you again.

Kind Regards Etta Horan
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1221 Feedback By Ms. Marcela dobiasova 2007 FEB
Hey ! Greetings from UK !

I just received these two pairs of glasses, and im totally satisfied with your work ! I paid only óG 39 in total, with free delivery which took only under two weeks, well worth waiting for !!

I recommend Optical4less to everyone, who wants to save money, that doesn't grow on trees !

Many thanks and keep up your good work !

from Marcela and Daniel xx

Marcela and the liitle Daniel

[ Model : hr028 ]

I recommend Optical4less to everyone, who wants to save money, that doesn't grow on trees !

[ Model : p081 ]

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1222 Feedback By Ms. Rachel From MO USA 2007 FEB
My glasses shipped quickly and I always get comments on them. Great quality and style!

Rachel is so happy with her new glasses !

[ Model : p083 ]

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1223 Feedback By Mr Tom Marazita From CA USA 2007 FEB
Hi guys,

I just received my fourth and fifth pair of glasses from
optical4less (I like to leave them in locations I frequent,
like the nearby pubs, so a pair is always handy wherever I am).

As with my previous pairs, these are fantastic. Top notch quality, extremely
comfortable, perfect prescription. I got two pairs of hingeless frames
this time. The are awesome, and I highly recommend them.

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1224 Feedback By Mr Xiaopeng Wang From MI USA 2007 FEB
I received the new glasses yesterday. It looks and
feels flawless. I placed order on Feb 05, 2007. The
glasses were shippe3d out from Hongkong on Feb 11 and
arrived at Michigan on feb 20. Just as expected. The
transaction and communication from Optical4less are
acurate and efficient. Thank you!

The pair has bendable frame and high index lenses with
coating. I bended the frames sevral ways and it srung
back...now I have a pair of glasses that my daughter
cannot distroy easily!

I payed $90 for the pair. It would cost $250 from
local optics. The shipping cost is half of what I
would pay for local sales tax.

I will certainly purchase from them again and
recommend it to my friends.

Xiaopeng Wang
Canton, Michigan, USA

I received the new glasses yesterday. It looks and feels flawless.

[ Model : mb029 ]

Now I have a pair of glasses that my daughter cannot distroy easily!

[ Model : mb029 ]

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1225 Feedback By Mr Wendell Evans From Utah USA 2007 FEB
I have received my glasses and they arrived in excellent shape and fit
very well.
This is my second pair of glasses from Optical4Less for myself and I
have also purchased two pair for my son.
All four pair have been very well made with high quality materials and
delivered very quickly and with no damage at all.
Thank you very much,
Wendell Evans
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