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1301 Feedback By Ms. Paivi 2006 NOV
HI! Thank you for my new glasses! It took only 12 days to get them and I'm quite satisfied with them. I didn't believe I could get so good fitting glasses without trying them on first, but choosing the frames is easy, thanks for your very informative webpages with good pictures and measurements. It would be nice if there were more colours for metal frames e.g. fuchsia red, violet, especially dark green, hot pink. Waiting for the glasses to arrive was very exciting!

I'm planning to buy another glasses and sun glasses from you and it would be great, if you could put photos of real lenses with all different sunglass tintings (light, medium, dark and gradient), so it would be easier to choose the color of the sunglass tinting.

I gave your web address to my mother and she is going to order a pair of reading glasses from you.

(Albert press: Thankyou so much for the suggestions!)
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1302 Feedback By Mr Francois 2006 NOV
I have ordered glasses for me and some of my friends. And ... they are all delighted by the correction glasses they received.
the design is perfect. I had asked the glass to be cut to specific dimensions and the result was exact.
thank you
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1303 Feedback By Mr ken caspar From tx USA 2006 NOV
You guys are great! Fast shipping large selection and great prices-I've told everyone I know who wears glasses about Optical4less.
Thanks KC
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1304 Feedback By Ms. Josephine Falcone From North Carolina USA 2006 NOV

I love these!!!

These are just too fantastic! I continue to be atonished by the quality of the products I receive from you. Out of my 20-or-so orders (I know, it's an addiction--there were a few prescription adjustments in there...years ago...), I have never once received a pair I didn't like, nor have I had a problem with any order. And these days I usually get them in about three weeks!

Best to you all,
Josephine F
North Carolina, USA

Frame : pnormal P078 Deepblue_and_Brown

I love these!!!

[ Model : p078 ]

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1305 Feedback By Mr Carl Porter From CA USA 2006 NOV
Mr. Poon,

I purchased 2 pair of glasses, one regular and one sunglass. Since I was in a hurry to receive the glasses due to a recent brain operation which prevented me from wearing my usual contacts, I paid the expedite fee and was thoroughly pleased when they arrived in the promised one week delivery. You have an excellent information net to show the status of the order from purchase to delivery.

I highly recommend your organization for great prices and quick delivery. You are a very honorable company.

Carl Porter
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1306 Feedback By Mr Mark From New Jersey USA 2006 NOV
This is my second order from O4L, and again I was not
. This time I ordered two pairs; choosing tinted lenses on one and a magnetic clip-on for the other. I initially made a perscription error on the order, but O4L quickly responded to my e-mail and corrected my mistake. The glasses arrived quickly, and in perfect condition. Thanks O4L!
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1307 Feedback By Ms. Karen From FL USA 2006 NOV
I received my glasses yesterday, I am so pleased with them, Everything about them is perfect. I ordered the anti glare coating and it really makes a difference, I have a prism in my glasses and there is always a glare, But with the ones I bought from you, there is no glare at all. The RX is perfect, I thought ordering the glasses online I might end up with cheap frames, well let me tell you......... They quality is so much better than the frames I bought from my local optical store.
I am sooo pleased with my glasses, I will never buy them locally again,
and when my husband gets his eye exam ... You can bet i'll be buying from you again.
Thank you so much for being there and giving me the quality everyone deserves.
karen randolph
palm bay, florida USA
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1308 Feedback By Ms. Victoria Mazina From NJ USA 2006 NOV
My new glasses are awesome! The glasses look and fit great! Will definitely order another pair or two in the near future.

Thank you,
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1309 Feedback By Ms. Jennifer From Alberta Canada 2006 NOV
Ordered 6 pairs for the price it would have cost for one, and all of them look great. They got here quickly and the prescription is perfect. As soon as our digital camera is working, we will upload pictures of all 6 pairs. Thank you!
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1310 Feedback By Ms. Karen M Johnson From NY USA 2006 NOV
RL036, Dark Silver, Lens shape: 4
I love my new glasses!!! The quality is outstanding and low cost is unbelievable! This was awesome experience to say the least and I will not hesitate to re-order again. I will definitely spread the word of this wonderful site to all my family and friends!

Thanks so much!
K. Johnson- NY

I will definitely spread the word of this wonderful site to all my family and friends!

[ Model : rl036 ]

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1311 Feedback By Mr Michael Rosenzweig From NJ USA 2006 NOV
The 2 pair of eyeglasses arrived today and they are exactly as ordered - sizing was determined by your staff. The quality is quite good and represents value for the price paid.

I am already planning my next purchase of no-line progressive bifocals and another 2 pair (distance and reading) for my wife.

I have had prior eyeglasses made in HK during a visit a few years ago and know the quality to expect

M. Rosenzweig, Cherry Hill, NJ
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1312 Feedback By Ms. Sari 2006 NOV
I got my first 2 pairs of glasses last week (P075 brown and chrystal / RL037 brown). They were delivered in two weeks from order to Finland. I have got only good feedback and have shared the Optical4less-internet address already with several of my friends. Finally, I can afford to change also my glass style when ever I feel like it. (I only wish you had more smaller models as most of the current ones are too big and wide for me). Now I just have to start picking up the glasses for my next order....
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1313 Feedback By Mr John From FL USA 2006 OCT
In reviewing all of the optical companies Opictal4less was the only ones that could fill my preciption. That is, I required 6 Diopters of prism. The glasses came promply and were of excellent quality at a low price. I need several additional pair of glasses and I will order them at Opictal4less.

Mr. Wedel's glasses with 6 Diopters of prism. Only Optical4less can do this.

[ Model : ma025 ]

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1314 Feedback By Mr John Staight From Surrey UK 2006 OCT
Dear Optical4less
Thank you for an excellent service. Using your standard delivery option, my bifocal glasses were manufactured and delivered to the UK in less than two weeks. I am delighted with the quality of the product and of course the price when compared with any town centre optician. I will certainly order again and will not hesitate in recommending your service to others.

Best Regards
John Staight
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1315 Feedback By Mr Cecil From Ontario Canada 2006 OCT
I am glad I purchased my prescription glasses from Optical4less. The quality is excellent and it fits perfect. It is unbelievable how much $$$ you can save with Optical4less.

Mr.Cecil and his MA025 reading glasses.

[ Model : ma025 ]

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We have received our order today and we are very impressed indeed, with the quality and design of the glasses. And the service we have received from you.

We shall now reccomend you to our friends and family.

Regards, John
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1317 Feedback 2006 OCT
Hi to everyone at optical4less , just received my new glasses...wonderfull...
thank you again.

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1318 Feedback By Mr From CA USA 2006 OCT
I received my glasses in record time & they were exactly what I ordered. I save over $100.00 by purchasing from Optical4less.com instead of my local optician. This is the wave of the future.
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1319 Feedback By Ms. Carole Turner From Midlothian UK 2006 OCT
I received my new rimless glasses last Saturday morning and have worn them
non-stop for 2 days (I'm usually a contact lens wearer). Thank you. I am
very impressed with them. They are incredibly lightweight and the lens
edges are nicely polished. The arms are a little loose so I will get these
fixed at an opticians.
The postal service was superb too taking just 4 days to reach me after
leaving HK!
Would certainly buy from you again.
Carole from Edinburgh

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1320 Feedback By Mr John Turner From TX USA 2006 OCT
This is the second time I have used Optical4less.com to renew my
prescription glasses. Due to the large size of my head (PD 72mm, total
frame 147mm) I've always had difficulty finding glasses that "fit"
correctly. As a result, I purchased my first set of designer
rimless/hingeless glasses a couple years ago for $350 after insurance.
After only a month I lost them while riding on my motorcycle down the
middle of the highway! In an effort to not incur another $350 loss, I
tried out Optical4less.com and purchased a nearly identical pair for
just $49! With the exception of a minor difference in the nose piece,
they were nearly identical. With a bit more confidence under my belt, I
recently gave Optical4less.com another try to see if the first order was
a fluke. It wasn't! It's October 2006, and I just received 3 pairs of
glasses (two single vision and one transitions) for less than I paid for
my son's pair of single vision frames after insurance. My son's
response? "Why did you get to order cool glasses?" With hard to fit options, quality
construction, crystal clear optics, and very reasonable pricing, you can
bet Optical4less.com has earned themselves a long term customer for all
of my family's optic needs.

John R. Turner
New Braunfels, TX
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1321 Feedback By Ms. Jaclyn Kelly 2006 OCT
Dear All at Optical 4 Less,

I just received my glasses in the post, and am very happy with them. It took less than a week for them to arrive íV very impressed! The frames are great.

I have already recommended you to all my friends and will be telling everyone that if they need new glasses, they should make a stop on your web site before shelling out hundreds of pounds in the high street!

Thanks again,
Jaclyn Kelly

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1322 Feedback By Ms. From Ontario Canada 2006 OCT
Just received my glasses a few days ago and I am surprised they get here days earlier than I expected. Well packed, well made and the prescription is spot on.

I get nothing but praises and "where do you get it?" remarks from friends and colleagues with my new glasses. They are surprised even more when my transitional lens change colours TWICE as fast as theirs!! As a result they have all asked me for O4L website and now having fun picking new glasses as we speaks.

The "Choose by our professionals" option works like a charm and it is as good as trying the glasses on before you buy. Just remember to give them good measurements of your old glasses and you can't go wrong.

The staffs are polite and courteous and respond to emails promptly as well. I found out the next day that I've entered the wrong PD value, so I emailed them right away with fingers-crossed (afterall its a mistake on my part). Within hours I got the reply saying the change has been made!! No fuss, no muss.

I will definitely be a returning customer and would recommend anyone to buy from O4L. Bring on the new styles and I will be ordering my 3rd (and going) pairs!

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1323 Feedback By Ms. sharon From Suffolk UK 2006 OCT
Just recieved my order. Once again fantastic!
I ordered transition glasses with a purple lens and diamonte frames.They are gorgeous and plenty of people have told me so.
It's so nice to have glasses which are trendy in style and colour.
Thank you so much this is near enough my 12 th pair of glasses from you if not more.I will definately order more as I now don't feel a victim any more for having to wear glasses.
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1324 Feedback By Ms. laurie gambardella From nc USA 2006 OCT
I am thrilled with the look and the price of my new sunglasses. They arrived in the US in exactly 2 weeks from ordering. My husband and co-worker plan to order theirs soon and I certainly will purchase again from your company now that I know what a great deal I got!!

Laurie, NC, USA

I am thrilled with the look and the price of my new sunglasses

[ Model : p086 ]

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1325 Feedback By Mr Kevin Hansen From WY USA 2006 OCT
The glasses look, fit, and feel great! Such an easy, fun, and cheap way to get some new specs! Optical4Less is the way to go!

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