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Some paragraphs are funny and they are worth taking a look 8-)

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1401 Feedback By Mr Rafael Gutierrez From New York USA 2006 MAY
Before I placed an order with Optical4Less, I was a little bit skepitcal because I have never order products such as eyewear from an international company before. I just received my order of 4 pairs of eyeglasses for my brother and I. We are extremely happy with the products, the design, the exact prescription, the color and the material. We really thought that for the price we were going to get cheap frames with cheap glass, but that was not the case. And considering the steps to make the glasses, the service was pretty quick, it took about ten business days to arrive at my doorstep. I am looking forward to ordering at least two more pairs just so I can have different color lenses. Keep up the good service.

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1402 Feedback By Mr Kang From OH USA 2006 MAY
Glasses showed up on time and exactly as I expected them to be,
infact I haven't taken them off except to go to sleep at night.
I'll porbably be getting another pair soon?

Albert press : Yea you should remember to take your glasses off while you go to sleep 8-)
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1403 Feedback By Dr Terry From IL USA 2006 MAY
Great glasses and quick service. I tried once to see how they worked and now this is the only way I will get glasses .
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1404 Feedback By Mr Thomas Galea 2006 MAY
Glasses were recieved in immaculate condition and they were received withing 3 weeks which is very good considering the fact that i received these glasses in Malta.

I am very happy with the results and i will definitely buy again from this website .

Albert Press : Thomas is our very first customer from Malta . Here're some photos from his falimies .

Me at office, proud of my barely visible new rimless glasses..
finally I can go to the office without contact lenses and be comfortable with [ my glasses ] ;-)

[ Model : rl030 ]

Posing for a side-view photo of my new amazingly thin, light but highly durable glasses

[ Model : rl030 ]

my mother (Josephine), definitely happy with the result

[ Model : rl030 ]

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1405 Feedback By Ms. Joan King From B.C. Canada 2006 MAY
My brother (Jim Livingston) recommended your service to me, and I must say you have lived up to my expectations. My glasses arrived today, exactly 2 weeks after placing my order and I am very pleased with them. I inadvertantly ordered 2pairs instead of one, but I am quite pleased with my mistake. I am inclined to misplace my glasses, so now instead of wasting time searching for them I can use my spare pair. Regards, Joan King
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1406 Feedback By Mr Graham From Middlesex UK 2006 MAY
Hi, received the glasses - perfect.
Your attention to detail, by virtue of the fact that you offered advice and suggested changes regarding my initial order, was extremely helpful and resulted in my changing the order in line with your suggestions. This level of service cannot be reccommended highly enough.
I am now looking to order sunglasses from you.

Once again, thanks so much for your brilliant help.

Graham Richiardi.
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1407 Feedback 2006 MAY
I'm very satisfated for my new glasses! 5 pairs.. at the price for one.

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1408 Feedback By Ms. Serena From CO USA 2006 MAY
Thank you for the glasses, and a special thank for Fiona for an excellent job in prompt communication/corrections of my glasses adjustments. All four pairs of glasses fit perfectly. I am very pleased with them. The quality and services are excellent.

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1409 Feedback By Mr Paul From OH USA 2006 MAY
After researching on the web, I decided to go with optical4less. The order took about two and a half weeks, but I'm very pleased with the quality of the glasses. I got a model "malloy MA024 Silver" for reading (picture one), and model "mtitanium T029 Dark Silver" for general use (picture 2).

Both pair are sturdy and well crafted. The lenses (standard) are the lightest and clearest I have ever owned. With a correction of -4.5, they have narrow edges and only weigh 16 grams!

The web site is easy to use, and I will certainly do business here in the future.

You can see how great the glasses look in the pictures!

Thanks again,


Pic 1 : Paul's reading glasses
[ MA024 ]

[ Model : ma024 ]

Pic 2 : Paul
with his [ Titanium T029 silver ]

[ Model : t029 ]

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1410 Feedback By Mr Sung Min Hong From Ontario Canada 2006 MAY
I ordered three pairs of eye glasses: one for my son and two for me. But there were errors in my order because I misinterpreted my eye prescription. Fortunately, the next day I submitted my order, Fiona sent me an email and let me know that my order was not accurate, so I sent the image of my prescription to Fiona.

Less than two weeks, I received the three pairs of eye glasses. All of them are great looking and well made according to the prescriptions, so I am very satisfied. I would like to thank Fiona for helping me to correct my mistake.
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1411 Feedback By Mr kevin griffith 2006 MAY
Thankyou O4less for my glasses i bought two pairs one semi rimless and one titanium they are perfect for me. They come in nice cases all protected and with nice cloths. I have recommended you to others as your service is top notch and alot cheaper than i can get here in NZ.
Thanks again to all staff in the processing and making of them :-)

This is Kevin's kitchen .
And his [ new Ttanium glasses T026 ]

[ Model : t026 ]

I think he like his kitchen very much .
So do his [ Bendable frame MB013 blue ]

[ Model : mb013 ]

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1412 Feedback By Mr Andri From Saxony Germany 2006 MAY
Subject : Colour in my life
Now I got the 2 new pairs of eyeglasses these days and I really like them
much. Entirely I ordered 5 pairs of glasses at o4l and Im absolutely
satisfied with the fashion, material, handcraft and shipping. Sitting here
in Germany it takes kinda longer to get them (usually about a month), but
it°¶s definitely the german post that`s well know for delays and
incommodities. Summa summarum: you are absolute value for money.
I like the different glasses and colours: theyre a real eyecatcher! thanx
and go ahead in a similar way!
Hope I can send you some pics soon.
From a swiss guy in germany.

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1413 Feedback By Ms. Julie From West Yorkshire UK 2006 MAY
Once again O4L has sent me top quality glasses at a very reasonable
price. Thank you Fiona for your assistance with the prescription. I'm
very happy.

Mrs Banks,
West Yorkshire, UK
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1414 Feedback By Mr Colin Marsh 2006 MAY
My husbands glasses arrived within Two Weeks to out door, the service and the Web site are fantastic. We saved heaps , and will certainly be buying more..at these prices you can afford to splash out on /designer colour glasses.
Thank you all very much and keep up the good work.
Order 215XXXX
Rita Marsh
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1415 Feedback By Mr Colin Madden From ACT Australia 2006 MAY
I have just received my new glasses and I am delighted both with the
quality of the specs and the fast order turnaround (8 working days!).

I am still amazed how much I have saved buying through you (I can buy 3
pairs of your glasses for the cost of one pair in Australia).

The frame is excellent and the alignment of the bifocals is as good as I
have ever had.

I will definitely be buying through your online store in the future.

Thank you

Col Madden
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1416 Feedback By Mr Sergio From RJ Brazil 2006 MAY
Only a single but powerful word to explain how good is this company:

+ + + P E R F E C T I O N + + +

In all those aspects, delivery time, quality of craftsman, lenses precisely manufactured, finest frames and price.
BTW, I am a returning satisfied customer. This is my second order.

Thank you very much, Fiona.

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1417 Feedback By Ms. From NC USA 2006 MAY
My glasses arrived and they are WONDERFUL! I can actually SEE out of them as I should be able to do and the transition lenses are great! I tell everyone I see how pleased I am with your company.

Thanks again-

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1418 Feedback By Mr David Boyd From Cumbria UK 2006 MAY
Received today and all seem fine and exactly as described: many thanks for
providing excellent value and service -I will certainly be most happy to
use you again and to recommend your services to others.


David Boyd
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1419 Feedback By Mr Jose From New York USA 2006 MAY
Hi, I will like to say that these glasses I receive are the best glasses I have ever wear. I love this new glasses.
Thank you guys for the wonderful job. I will recommend this to every body I know.

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1420 Feedback By Mr Steve From MD USA 2006 MAY
Received my new reading glasses within two weeks of placing order. Very happy with this pair of glasses. Will order again from Optical4Less.
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1421 Feedback By Mr Franklin From California USA 2006 MAY
I can read again! Thank you! I used to be able to buy reading glasses at the pharmacy right off-the-rack. After my successful surgery cataract in one eye off-the-rack reading glasses didnít work. For that reason, I ordered a pair of custom-lensed reading glasses from O4L for only $29 and they arrived in a week. I can read again!

Fast service. Great work and fun styles that I havenít seen anywhere else, like my yellow tinted yellow and black driving glasses (see attached photos) that punch up contrast for dawn, evening and night riding. They are also perfect sunglasses for bright day, even when riding right at sunsets. I feel safe now riding my bicycle in traffic as I can see perfectly at all times.

Iím shopping now for a pair of frames for progressive lenses, and a pair of frames for sun-reading glasses. With free shipping for two or more pairs, and many frames and single vision lenses at $29, I can have a choice now in what I wear, for what task or just to change style. Before O4L I bought retail and pay over $300 for just one pair. For that same money, now I can get 10 pair from O4L! I give them Five Stars!

with his new [ Tinted P084 ]

[ Model : p084 ]

Another high quality photo with his new glasses

[ Model : p084 ]

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1422 Feedback By Mr Andri From Saxony Germany 2006 MAY
Hi there
I°¶m happy to have now 5 pair of your great eyeglasses. The last two ones just arrived and It was great to try em on: they look real wonderful! So every morning I°¶ve the choice about what pair to wear today... its often that difficult, that I just pack some of them in my bag and change them according to my mood respectively to my activities.
Anyway, thanks a lot for great service and style class!
A small drop of bitterness unfortunately still rests: But its definitely not your fault that it always tooks more than 3 weeks shipping from hk to germany. I dont know, why german custom officials take a pair of glasses for suspicious...
Last but not least: Youre real value for money and thats worth spreading into the world!

best regards
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1423 Feedback By Ms. Amy From NJ USA 2006 MAY
I think your testimonials page is so funny! I can't believe people
actually send in photos of how they look in the glasses they

Well, my feedback won't be as humorous and no pictures of
myself are attached. :) I just want to thank you for your excellent
service, for addressing my concern about my prescription and
for the quality eyeglasses I received. My glasses arrived today
and I LOVE them! I've never gotten purple metal frames before,
because I've not seen them in a store. They are so cool. I love
the color selections you offer. My 15-mo.-old. was excited by the
matching, purple plastic case (maybe I'll email you a picture of
her instead). Very stylish and I only ordered a basic pair. It
makes me wonder what the "fancy" pairs you have look like.
Next time I'll have to try a rimless or bendable or maybe the
magnetic clip-ons - will definitely be hard to choose!

Also, the lenses are perfect, no scratches, coating seems intact
and the frames are very sturdy. My daughter is always trying to
tear my glasses off my face and this pair seems like it would take
a little beating.

Thanks again,

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1424 Feedback By Ms. From MO USA 2006 MAY
This is my first order from optical4less. The glass is very well made and seems better than my broken one which was get in Costco for $225 bucks. Very nice job, will order more.
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1425 Feedback By Dr Luca From MI Italy 2006 MAY
I ordered a pair of glasses on march 8, and O4L shipped them just five
days later. I received them almost a month later, but that's due to the
Italian Postal service, which blocks and delays mail from Hong Kong for
customs clearance.

I asked for a pair rimless/hingeless HL007 glasses, and specified I
wanted the lens shape shown on the HL010 model. When I opened the
package, I couldn't help but notice that the shape that was made for my
glasses was not exactly like I wanted. I still like them though.

The glasses look nice, they are very light and comfortable, and the lens
quality is very good. Craftmanship looks ok; I'm just a bit worried
about durability, because the frame looks really delicate. No problems
so far, anyway, although one side of the frame (where the frame is
joined to the lens) has some clearance and it's not firmly blocked to
the lens. I hope this won't become a problem as time passes.

Anyway, I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I paid 85 Euros for these
glasses, when local opticians asked me 4 times as much for a similar pair!

I'm sending in a few pictures.

Luca from Italy

Woo that's a lot of CD / DVD collection ! Dr.Luca
and his [ HL007 ]

[ Model : hl007 ]

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