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1676 Feedback 2005 JAN
We got our glasses. Faster and better than we could have expected. Totally
satisfied....Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Will Peterson
Nevada , USA
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1677 Feedback 2005 JAN
I just received my glasses and am very happy with the quality, style and price. The prescription is perfect. Better than I could have imagined.

Matt Rupena

Milwaukee WI USA

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1678 Feedback 2005 JAN
Hello O4L,
I was real hesitant about ordering prescription glasses, I went through many websites did as much research as I could. Then I came to your testimonial page and read through many of them. I was still sceptical until I came across one by Carter S Laurie from PacWest-Inc. He had a link to his website so I emailed him. He told me all about his experiences with US eyeglass makers and his deal with Optical4Less. I was still a little hesitant and decided I would order the cheapest pair you had before I ordered anything more expensive. With the option of free shipping I ordered 2, one regular and another with sunglass tint. The glasses came in yesterday (1/31/05) and the whole family scrutinized them. We all came up with the same opinion. WHAT A GREAT DEAL! I am going to be ordering my next pair before summertime.

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1679 Feedback 2004 DEC
Order arrived today. I used the "ask the expert" facility which resulted in 2 pairs of glasses which are far better than any I have purchased in the UK and at far more reasonable prices. Excellent fit and the lens shape of the rimless, hingeless titanium pair is perfect. Would certainly recommend your site and use again. With thanks.

J. Reddy
Bedfordshire , UK
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1680 Feedback 2004 DEC
Dear Mr Poon

I write to add my testimonial to your probably already long list.

Having a minus 17 spectacle prescription, I am long used to wearing glasses with thick lenses, when not wearing contacts.

I had not previously considered myodisc lenses, thinking they were only for even higher prescriptions, until I discovered your web site. I decided recently, in the interests of having a pair of glasses with thinner and lighter lenses, to order one from you. Your very reasonable prices made the experiment not too expensive and I am already familiar with the quality of your work having ordered a very stylish rimless pair, with conventional lenses, from you recently.

I have now had the myodiscs, in a similar rimless style, for a few weeks and am not only delighted with them as far as the thin lenses are concerned but also with their appearance. With them, I can have frames which are wider and, to me, more aesthetically pleasing. (With high Rx lenses you are usually talked into s mall lens widths to allow lenses to be thinner.)

I had thought that myodiscs were not going to look as well but I was wrong. With the bowls ground into a positive-power carrier, there is not the usual conspicuous diminution of image when viewed front-on and, ignoring the edges of the bowls, my appearance is as if wearing low-power glasses. I had expected a less attractive appearance as a trade-off for the advantages of myodiscs but seem to have gained a better one!

As an added bonus, I have found, surprisingly, that the 33mm bowls give adequate peripheral vision, even for driving and flying. I had expected it to be reduced and to have to wear my conventional glasses for these activities, but not so.

Acquiring them for less than $AU300 is an added bonus.

Your claim that the !˘Dquality of our myodisc / lenticular lenses are one of the best in the world!| seems well justified.

Yours sincerely

Jon Millard

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1681 Feedback 2004 DEC
Glasses arrived today. Total time was 3 weeks from order to arrival. The
wait was worth it. The glasses are excellent. I especially like the
magnetic clip-ons. The price was great. I will be recommending your
service to friends and family.

Doug East

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1682 Feedback 2004 DEC
Thank you!!! I am very happy with the glasses, the rx is perfect. I ride a motorcycle and I have been looking for a pair of wrap around glasses that are rx to keep the wind out of my eyes. I am telling everyone about your company.
Thank you,
Kim Hill
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1683 Feedback 2004 DEC

I am so thrilled - I got my glasses today. I would have got them sooner, but the USPS here screwed up. I still got them within your mentioned shipping time!

The glasses are just downright beautiful! I am so happy with them I can't tell you how much. They are perfect, and so well-polished, even the edges. I couldn't be more thrilled!

My grandsons broke my old glasses. I lost my job several months ago, and would have never been able to replace them if it wasn't for your service. The value per cost is fantastic!

I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family! It also will be fun to tell everyone that my glasses came from Hong Kong! Thanks so much!

All the best!

Laura in Chicago
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1684 Feedback 2004 DEC
Just a note to say thank you for my new glasses they arrived in super quick time and are as good as I could have wished for. I will be ordering a second pair for myself and a pair for the wife as well!

Thanks again
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1685 Feedback 2004 DEC
Hello, My order has been arrived. Thank you very much for everything. It's a perfect service. THis eyeglasses are not for me but for my girlfriend. She's very happy. Thanks again
Best regards.

Fabrice GRANGE
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1686 Feedback 2004 DEC
I just received my (3) pair of glasses from Optical4Less. The quality is outstanding! The price is a fraction of what I have to pay at my local optical shops. The pair I ordered for me were rimless. I have an extremely strong prescription (-16.00 x -1.00 in both eyes), and have been told by local optical stores that I could not get rimless glasses with such a strong prescription. Not only did Optical4Less do it, the glasses look amazing! The fit is perfect, and I can see better than ever with them. I've had many comments on how nice they look, and where I got them.

The pair I got for my wife were even more amazing. She has extremely strong prism correction (11 Base In in each lens) for reading glasses. She was embarrassed to wear her old glasses when anyone was around because they looked so funny. They are EXTREMELY thick on the inside edges (about 15mm) from the prism correction. Her new glasses from O4L are still thick, but with the anti-reflective coating and the polished edges, it is not as noticeable. They are also much more comfortable due to how you adjusted the nose pads. She loves them, and wears them a lot - even in front of other people, who don't even notice or comment on the thickness on this pair!

The pair I got for one of my children is the pair that is the most wonderful! My daughter also has an extremely strong prism correction (10 Base Up in one lens and 10 Base Down in the other). She has to wear them all the time (reading and distance). Her previous glasses made her eyes look crooked (one higher than the other), plus the thickness (top on one lens and bottom on the other) looked very funny, and were hard for her to see out of the very bottom or very top of the lens. Her new glasses from O4L look so much better than the old ones. She can also see much better, and has a much wider field of vision. With the anti-reflective coating, she looks much better. The lenses are thinner, and there is less reflection. Also, her eyes don't look as misaligned! She loves them, and can see better than ever!

The wait (1 month from ordering) was well worth it for the price and quallity! I will soon be ordering more glasses for the other members of my family, and maybe even a spare pair or two for my wife and me! I will also be telling all my friends about Optical4Less! Thanks again!

Texas, USA
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1687 Feedback 2004 DEC
order received today 12/10/04
excellant quality, good fit , will definateley use your service again.

Donald Compton
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1688 Feedback 2004 DEC
I was so pleased with my first pair of glasses I have turned around and
ordered a second pair.
I will be using your service very time I need to get new glasses.


Larry W Shaw
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1689 Feedback 2004 DEC
I can!|t thank you enough. My order has arrived today and I inspected the eyeglasses.
Your craftsman and workmanship are outstanding. I priced the same glasses at a local eyeglass shop and was shocked at how much they were. I thought that there must be a better and less expensive alternative, I looked at the internet to do some research on the matter and that is when I found you. I looked at your testimonials and found others that highly recommended you in other online chat rooms. So I ordered, and am so glad that I did. You delivered just what you stated. The options that come standard on your lenses are !Ħħupgrades!ĦL here in Texas . And to think!Kall the way from Hong Kong to a small rural town in the Eastern part of Texas!K!ĦLwow!ĦL the world seems a whole lot smaller. I am telling everyone that I know about your service. Oh yea, I also ordered another pair, and the money I saved on both pairs is about 400 American dollars. Thanks so much.

Chris Cammack

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1690 Feedback 2004 DEC
I lost an expensive pair of glasses this last summer. Turns out it was a blessing because that's how I found you. I bought one pair last summer and was pleased; however, after I placed my order, I found a couple styles I thought I would like much better. Turns out it is true, I do like the styles I picked out after ordering my first pair because I ordered them a few weeks ago and received them today. I am thrilled. I will soon be ordering for my wife and for my son. I have told many about you guys and your excellent service. The savings are unheard of. Many are leery about not being able to try them on before purchasing. I went to a local eyeshop tried on frames I liked and found something similar on your website, if not better. To others out there I'd say,"Go for it!" The odds are you will not be disappointed.

Michael Frier - Washington State U.S.A.

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1691 Feedback 2004 DEC
I just wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied the quality of your work and at such a great price. I've already sent your website link to a friend and plan on ordering additional quantities for myself in the near future. Thank-you very much.

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1692 Feedback 2004 DEC
I am really happy with both my new glasses, so much that I am planning on buying more. I have spread the word to family and workmates. Keep up the good work.
Thanking you
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1693 Feedback 2004 NOV
u guys did a great job.im really surprised at the way my order was
processed and delivered.the glasses r great and for a great " cant beat it
" price.im really gonna tell people about this thing.thanks again.


Reynel Jude Castelino
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1694 Feedback 2004 NOV
You ' ve done a very fine work !!! Thank you very much.

Janko Osterloh

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1695 Feedback 2004 NOV
I just received my new glasses. This is the second pair that I ordered from Optical4less.com. I love them. I bought the rimless ones and I really am pleased with the quality. The lenses are very crisp! I can see better with these lenses than my other pairs I've ordered from local stores. Also, I find the quality of the lenscrafters excellent. I chose the option of having your crafters customize my rimless lenses from my PD measurement. They came out perfect! Thank you again for my second order. I know that I will be ordering more from you.
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1696 Feedback 2004 NOV
excellent glasses at a excellent price.

J P Smith
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1697 Feedback 2004 NOV
Just as described. Excellent quality, fantastic value, great service. Would certainly buy here again.

Arizona, USA
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1698 Feedback 2004 NOV
HI Albert and Fiona. I!|m really please with the glasses that arrive today at my mail box. My sons were able to wear them at the middle of the morning in school and both said: !ĦħWe!|re able to see again!ĦL. They glasses are so cute and durable. I!|ll be ordering other 2 pairs in a few weeks, and yes, next time I!|ll try to be more patience waiting to get them. You are SUPER GOOD and trustworthy. If you want to see my kids with the new glasses send an email to maria@gomerland.com. I!|ll send you the picture right away. By the way we!|re in the military living overseas, to be more precise, in Germany. The glasses to get to us, they went around the world, FUNNY. Next we!|ll give the German address and maybe they!|ll get to us faster.
Happy Thanksgiving,

from Spangdahlem AB, Germany Maria, Scott, Sara, David & Derek

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1699 Feedback 2004 NOV
Good Day,

Just a short note to let you know that I received my 2 pair of new glasses
today and have never been more satisfied. I took them from the case and put
them on and they are perfect in all respects. I had to make no adjustments
and the progressive bifocal perscription is better than any I have ever had.
I ordered them on a Friday and received them 25 days later which was only a
total of 16 working days including 6 days travel time. I just want to Thank
You and I will let everyone know that everything you advertise is absolutely
as you say. I think I will order another two pair since they cost about one
quarter of what the last pair I bought here in the U.S.

Again I Thank You very much.

Mick McClure
Monroe, GA U.S.A.

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1700 Feedback 2004 NOV
Dear Optical for Less

I am very satisfied with the Quality of the product.

Will use your service again and have already referred it to my friends.

Thank You Once Again

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