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351 Feedback By Mr william worden From Ca USA Date: 2010-06-04
My order from Optical4Less arrived and it was perfect! I was extremely concerned- it is a complex prescription, I have double vision from a brain operation. Customer service is wonderful. Doing business with Chinese people in Hong Kong is very satisfactory!
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352 Feedback By Mr Moore From KS USA Date: 2010-05-30
Optical4Less is amazing! I have looked EVERYWHERE online for imitation-wood glasses. My brother-in-law had a designer pair that he spent $400 on, and I loved the way they looked. After looking online, I found this pair that looked IDENTICAL for only $30. What a deal! I've received endless compliments on these glasses since I've been wearing them. Exceptional looking, exceptional pricing, and exceptional shipping (I received them a couple weeks after ordering them--not bad coming from overseas!). I will definitely be using Optical4Less to purchase all of my eyeglasses in the future.

Photo link: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/681jf_xf-L3qvalORT8uEQ
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353 Feedback By Mr jason luong From florida USA Date: 2010-05-29
It is wonderful, I am so happy with my order(glass). It took me exactly two weeks, but it is worth to value of the glass. I paid $98.00 for my glass, in US it costs me about $329.00. Thank you very much to OPTICAL4LESS. JLONG.
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354 Feedback By Mr Stian From Sør Trøndelag Norway Date: 2010-05-26
The glasses was great and cheap, the only remark is that it was a little smaller than extected, but that was my own fault. It took 21 days from I ordered to they was received here in Norway, and they was kind to write a lower price on the package to get them by the customs.

The glasses was great and cheap!

[ Model : ma062 ]

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355 Feedback By Mr craig From victoria Australia Date: 2010-05-24
My glasses arrived within 1 week of ordering them. Local shops told me it would take them 2 weeks. How good is that.
Glasses are excellent. Good quality, comfortable to wear. I couldnt be happier with my purchase.
And I saved heaps as well.
I highly recomend Optical4less.
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356 Feedback By Mr TERENCE From DEVON UK Date: 2010-05-20
Optical4less has come up trumps again. Ordered new glasses varifocal some say progressives with vertical prisms and Base out prisms in strong minus lens. Received them in under 3 weeks and put them on. Took to them like a 'duck to water' and they are so comfortable hardly know I have a new rx. Real value for money dread to think what they would have cost elsewhere. I would like to see them offer a slightly wider choice of frames reflecting the designer end of the market so hope they take note as I would order again in no time.
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357 Feedback By Mr M From Florida USA Date: 2010-05-17
Optical for less is the best supplier in the world for me. This year I ordered some distance and reading glasses and asked for them to be delivered to me at my USA holidey address. As normal the glasses were delivered to me on the second day of my holiday.
Thanks Optical 4 less . Mike
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358 Feedback By Mr michael From british columbia Canada Date: 2010-05-09
I am very satisfied with my new glasses. I received them 3 wks. after I ordered them. Very fast. I will order other glasses from you without a doubt. I am telling as many people as I know about you. Great quality and service,thankyou.
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359 Feedback By Mr From NSW Australia Date: 2010-05-04
I was in search of some affordable prescription sunglasses in Sydney. All i could find were over $200 for sunglasses without prescription lenses.. I searched the internet for a cheaper alternative and came across optical4less. I read some reviews about their service, and took the 'gamble'. Well it certainly was not a gamble at all. I was able to choose an aviator frame, with gradient tinting and prescription lenses and it was only $45 US dollars including postage to Sydney Australia.

A saving of more than $300. The frame quality is superb, the lenses have been prepared well and the prescription is spot on. It only took a week to arrive in the mail to Sydney which I thought was amazing.

I've already recommended optical4less to my friends. Why get ripped off by optometrists when you get the same article for much much less. Brilliant service too!

I will buy some dark black aviators soon and will again purchase them from optical4less.

Cheers optical4less
Sydney Australia
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360 Feedback By Ms. Lidia From New South Wales Australia Date: 2010-05-04
The glasses I received came in perfect condition. Although, I had a problem with one frame and Optical4Less was happy to repair it. Thank you very much for very good quality glasses.

They fit perfectly!

[ Model : ma035 ]

Thank you very much for very good quality glasses.

[ Model : rl043 ]

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361 Feedback By Mr Russ From NJ USA Date: 2010-05-03
This is my third order with Optical4Less and as usual everything went perfectly. I liked the style of the sunglasses I had ordered a few months earlier, so I decided to get another pair with the same frames for my regular glasses. My order arrived in less than two weeks, in perfect condition. They look great, fit comfortably and the prescription is exact. Thanks again for the excellent service and unbeatable price!
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362 Feedback By Mr harry farrar From CA USA Date: 2010-04-30
I just got my hingeless glasses. These are identical to a $330 pair I got in the US. They showed up in less than 2 weeks and what a deal! I hope this company does't go off and raise prices just because they can!I am now going to order some full blown sunglasses now that I see the quality is there. Thanks Optics for Less!!

Harry Farrar
Woodland Hills, California, USA

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363 Feedback By Mr ilker From NSW Australia Date: 2010-04-23
I have received it in good condition and took about a slightly longer than a week to arrive which is very reasonable, very cost effective comparison to Australian costs

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364 Feedback By Mr Edward From Derbyshire UK Date: 2010-04-21
We have ordered several pairs of spectacles from O4L over the past few years, but this the first pair we have ordered for my father in law.
He is a little fussy about the frames he likes and how they sit on his ears, but he was immediately pleased with the spectacles we received from O4L. They are light and sat nicely on his ears with only very minor adjustment.
He was amazed at how clear the lenses were and felt he could see better straight away. Since he received them he has not stopped telling people about how good they are and how great the price was.
The price he paid for his frame including varifocals was less than half the cost quoted to high by a major UK high street opticians for bifocals!

Once again O4L have provided great quality and a good price.
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365 Feedback By Mr George From NY USA Date: 2010-04-16
The glasses I ordered arrived promptly. The prescription was spot on and the fit was fine. The transitions lenses are high quality and very responsive to light changes. I have used 39dollarglasses.com and been ripped off by low quality frames and shoddy workmanship, I have used my local opticians and been overcharged for low quality frames and lens options. I was nervous to try yet another retailer, but now the rimless frames I have bought at very low cost from optical4less are my absolute favorite glasses for daily use. I will buy again from them.
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366 Feedback By Mr anthony weston From nsw Australia Date: 2010-04-11
This is the third pair of glasses that I have ordered from Optical4less and like the other two, the quality is exceptional. These are the best glasses, the most comfortable glasses I have ever had. ( I am in my 60's). The price is amazing at about one third of the price of similiar locally bought glasses in Australia.
I will definately return to Optical4less when I am due for an update.
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367 Feedback By Mr Cem Gul From - Turkey Date: 2010-04-02
The shipping was fast. I got my 2 glasses a week later. I didn't expect that quality for both frames and service. Nice package, quality frames, amazing price. I want to buy more for myself and friends. optical4less rules!

Nice package, quality frames, amazing price. I want to buy more for myself and friends.

[ Model : P137 ]

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368 Feedback By Mr Mark From TX USA Date: 2010-03-31
I just received my first pair of eyeglasses (ever) and they are awesome! I tried on a pair of Silhouette hingeless glasses at the eye doctor and they wanted 300 USD after my insurance! I saved over 66% and I cannot tell the difference between the two! Thank you O4L!!!!
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369 Feedback By Ms. From tx USA Date: 2010-03-27
I received my glasses in the mail today and I am absolutely thrilled. They are exactly what i wanted.. but for a fraction of the cost. I will definitely be ordering another pair very soon! Thanks!
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370 Feedback By Ms. From ON Canada Date: 2010-03-25
Having scoured the city including asian optical stores, only O4L was willing to make my glasses (rimless, high prescription, customized sizing) and the craftsmanship is commendable to say the least!!! The frames were made exactly as I requested and basically fit perfectly out of the box (needed small nose piece adjustments). The order form is clear and easy to navigate with many valuable options to choose from. Service is speedy and responsive (I miss HK). Have and will recommend to family and friends as well as buy again.
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371 Feedback By Mr Dale From WI USA Date: 2010-03-25
Thank you very much for the great service!! Glasses were made and delivered in good time. A little mix up by the post office, but not your fault at all! Glasses look very nice. Will surely order from you again.
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372 Feedback By Mr Luca From Italy Italy Date: 2010-03-24
I have received my first pair of glasses and I'm very satisfied of them.
They are really like in the picture and of very good quality.
The time of shipping was very good too.
I think that I'll buy other glasses from optical4 less in the future and I suggest it to everyone
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373 Feedback By Ms. Mary Date: 2010-03-23
My second pair of eyeglasses from Optical4less.com. I LOVE them! They are a perfect size and shape for my face. They are lighweight yet sturdy. The lenses are very well made. I couldn't be happier! Their customer service is excellent. I highly recommend this company!

Mary's testimonial @Flickr

They are a perfect size and shape for my face.

[ Model : hr030 ]

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374 Feedback By Ms. From GA USA Date: 2010-03-23
I am absolutely euphoric and elated with my frames. I got them this morning and I am beyond pleased. I've been wearing glasses/spectacles since I was 8 years old and never have I ever been so elated. These are better than the ones I used to get from Italy. Thank you is not enough!!! Merci mille fois!!! Xie-xie!!! I can't imagine getting frames from anywhere else! These are spectacular!!!!!
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375 Feedback By Ms. Kathy From OH USA Date: 2010-03-22
I love this company! They have been so helpful and even pointed out the focal length on my computer glasses might be too short. It was, and they adjusted it for me. How thoughtful. I have progressive computer lenses (no long range) with the special computer coating. I now have two pairs from them and have recommending these glasses to my friends. I would shop no where else. The quality and workmanship are excellent.
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