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426 Feedback By Mr Steven From California USA 2010 OCT
My glasses arrived in exactly 14 days which was pretty quick. They looked better in real life than the pictures online and I'm pleased with the quality I got with the price I payed. Definitely will order again when I need a new pair of glasses.
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427 Feedback By Mr Kevin From LA USA 2010 SEP
TWO pairs of progressive lens eye glasses for $254, delivered to my door. Great quality, great fit, great service. It doesn't get much better than that.

Getting the order through US Customs sometimes takes an extra week, but I wasn't in a hurry and the shipping charge was $0.00, so no complaints!
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428 Feedback By Mr Kevin From LA USA 2010 SEP
FOUR pair of single vision glasses for US$92, delivered to my door.

Do your homework and measure carefully. Your reward will be nice looking, good fitting glasses at a fraction of local cost. Also be patient - the order is coming from overseas so it must go through Customs for US delivery. This can take a while. However, since the shipping charge is FREE, the wait is no problem.
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429 Feedback By Mr Eric Berry From FL USA 2010 SEP
I am a repeat customer. I always get my glasses in perfect condition. Great prices too! Thanks.

I am a repeat customer. I always get my glasses in perfect condition.

[ Model : ma096 ]

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430 Feedback By Ms. Shondrea From CA USA 2010 SEP
This was the first time I've ever bought glasses or anything prescription online. I read the testimonials but was still skeptical about the real product I would receive. I placed my order, it was easy to do, and a little fun; within 2 weeks I had my glasses in my hand. Not in the mail or on its way, literally in my hand. I had no idea I could receive a product from Hong Kong so fast. My glasses perfectly fit my face, the frame is light weight, the lens' are thin and light, but sturdy, they're easy to clean, and best of all my prescription was PERFECT. Saying that I was astonished is an understatement. They got it right in every way. Everyone notices my glasses and complements them, they think I paid a ton. I am completely hooked on Opticals4Less, I've told everyone I know about how awesome your service and especially your prices are. I couldn't afford the glasses at my optometrist's office, so I went 4 months with a new prescription I couldn't fill because I didn't have the money. I couldn't read the board at school or clearly see things. When I received my glasses I got choked up because Optical4Less gives people options in an increasingly terrible economy. It would have been an injustice not to leave a testimonial. Thank you for doing an excellent job :-)
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431 Feedback By Mr From Ontario Canada 2010 SEP
I am very pleased with the quality, fit, style and light weight of my new glasses.
They are a nicer pair than my previous ones from my local store. I have a hard time finding the correct size of frames but O4L had lots of selection to choose from. The glasses were shipped in less than a week and it took longer for them to clear customs than in delivery. I would recommend O4L for anyone needing a pair of quality, inexpensive glasses. My next purchase will be for a new pair of sunglasses.
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432 Feedback By Mr 2010 SEP
Nice and high quality glasses.

I ordered two pair of glasses at the same time:
-one pair from optical4less with all coatings and tint
- one discount pair from Specsavers in Finland without coating, just glasses spare glasses for car.

In 11 days I received the glasses from optical4less. To make a glasses by Specsavers in Finland takes more time.

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433 Feedback By Mr Robert From FL USA 2010 SEP

It's been nearly three years since I received my glasses, and I have to say this is the best pair I've ever owned. The hingeless frame combined with the Ultra thin 1.67 lenses made for a very light pair of glasses. I'm very pleased with the quality of the lenses, the clarity is perfect. I had ordered another pair from another big internet retailer (EBD) with 'similar' lenses and the quality was just not there, there was a distinct haze in bright sunlight.

Concerning durability, I've worn these every day, and the lenses are still in almost perfect shape - they've held up very well.

I will be updating my RX soon, and I'm looking forward to ordering another pair from your site!
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434 Feedback By Mr David From VIC Australia 2010 SEP
Just walked back from the post office wearing my new prescription sunglasses from O4L. I got the P113 Wayfarer style with grey 3 tinted lenses.

The prescription seems to be spot-on, they're comfortable to wear and fit well, and they look good. I'm very satisfied with my purchase, and I'd happily order from O4L again.

I ordered the 1.67 high-index lenses because I'm pretty short-sighted, and these lenses are thin enough that the lenses look like regular sunglass lenses. To me, it's definitley worth paying extra for higher-index lenses if your script is high enough to benefit from them.

Thank-you to O4L for a job well done.

Just walked back from the post office wearing my new prescription sunglasses from O4L.

[ Model : P113 ]

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435 Feedback By Dr Daniel From OH USA 2010 SEP
When I got my new prescription for reading glasses, I decided to put Optical4less to the test, and I am very pleased. My glasses arrived to the USA in 17 days. The rimless polycarbonate lenses are very sturdy and were customized to the exact size I requested. The glasses came complete with comfortable non-slip silicone nosepads. I took the glasses to my ophthalmologist’s office, and was told the lenses were made perfectly. I am very satisfied and will order with confidence again.
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436 Feedback By Ms. Sarah 2010 AUG
I just wanted to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new P113 Wayfarer Glasses! I just got them in the mail, after less than two weeks! I was surprised by the great quality for such a good price. They even came with a cute purple case and lens cloth. I'm so happy I bought them, and if you are looking for Ray-Ban look-a-likes, don't hesitate to buy them...I was worried about buying glasses online but now know it's a painless and easy process! Thanks, Optical4Less, I will spread the word to all my friends :)
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437 Feedback By Mr David From Dumbartonshire UK 2010 AUG
As always, first class service and first class products at a fraction of the costs of my local opticians.
Been buying our glasses from Optical4less for many years now, never had any problems.

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438 Feedback By Mr Nuno Nhantumbo From North Carolina USA 2010 AUG
Yes, I have received my glasses today, it was very fast, I have chosen first priority service. I am very happy with my order and I recommend others to buy from your institution. I am looking forward to buying new glasses.

Nuno Nhantumbo (Mozambique)

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439 Feedback By Mr Christopher From VA USA 2010 AUG
Thank you very much for the excellent job you did on my glasses. I ordered a pair of plastic framed sunglasses, and a pair of frameless, hingeless regular glasses, and I couldn't be more pleased with them both! The frames are both very high quality, and the prescription is perfect, exactly like the ones I got from my local optician. It only took 19 days from ordering them to receive them, and it took 15 days from the local optician! Considering they cost less than half what I paid locally with vision insurance, it was a perfect all-around transaction.
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440 Feedback By Ms. From tx USA 2010 AUG
I bought glasses for my daughter and myself. My daughter's glasses are totally cute and were very affordable. We recieved them about 2 wks after ordering them. I was very pleased with the customer service i recieved and have recommended optical 4 less to all my friends with children that are my daughters age which is a a lot.
Thanks for your services.
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441 Feedback By Mr Darrell From BC Canada 2010 AUG
Thanks so much for the glasses! They were of far, far better quality than I was expecting. I was really nervous about ordering online from half-way around the world but I am very impressed with the glasses and, especially, the lenses. They appear to be high quality and have a nice anti-reflective coating on them. I would definitely recommend Optical4Less to others and look forward to doing business with you again soon.
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442 Feedback By Ms. Vivienne From Victoria Australia 2010 AUG
Just to let you know that I received my frames from you today, which was very fast service indeed. I am very happy with my purchase and would not hesitate to order from you again. I am looking forward to having my eyes tested in the next week or so and having my new lenses placed into these frames which I will wear with pride.
I will be dealing with you again - that's for sure and I'll let people know about this site as well.
VIVIENNE (Australia)
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443 Feedback By Mr 2010 AUG
Well the glasses finally arrived 2 weeks after placing the order which is perfectly on par with the speed of local stores. And the delivery was extremely fast only taking 4 working days from the date they were posted, which is unbelievablly quick considering they arrived from Hong Kong to Ireland. I also had the percription of the lenses checked by my local optician and everything's superb, and the galsses fit me perfectly (which is surprising considering I have quite a large head). Considering the cheap prices and brilliant quality I would recommend Optical4Less to anyone. And I can't emphasis enough how superb the craftsmanship is and how excellent the prices are incomparison with the extortionate prices which local stores charge for a pair. Basically you get everything you would get from a local store and more for a much cheaper price. If you're skeptical about buying from optical4less.com like I was then don't be, as now I see how unfounded that fear was ever since my purchase arrived arrived. Thank you for a brilliant service Optical4Less.
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444 Feedback By Mr Brian From CO USA 2010 AUG
I have ordered three pairs of glasses from Optical4Less. The lens quality is fantastic, the frames high-quality, and I am a very pleased customer.

The lens quality is fantastic, the frames high-quality, and I am a very pleased customer.

[ Model : p136 ]

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445 Feedback By Mr Michael From Wiltshire UK 2010 AUG
Dear Optical 4 Less Team,
I received my glasses this morning (31st July) which was considerably quicker than your estimate and I'm absolutely delighted with them, very light weight and of course optically perfect.
I shall definitely recommend your company to any friends that need new glasses. You may used my saved photograph if this is of any assistance.
Best Regards,
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446 Feedback By Mr Subir Gupta 2010 JUL
awesome product! very high quality, i'm happy with my order and will definitely order glasses from here again if i need to! i'm going to reccomend this site to my friends too!
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447 Feedback By Mr JEAN SALUN From Sao Paulo Brazil 2010 JUL
This was the second eyeglasses that I bought here, and I wanna to thank for the quality and for the speed on delivery. It took just 14 days to arrive here in Brazil, and I am very pleased with the product. Again, if you want a new eyeglasses for a very low price and high quality, you can trust in O4L.
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448 Feedback By Mr Andres From Florida USA 2010 JUL
The glasses came in surprisingly quick (about two weeks considering I got the super basic shipping), and the prescription was perfect. Love the lens quality, the frame is sturdy and awesome, the glasses were quick to manually adjust to my head. Probably my favorite pair of glasses so far; super high quality which I definitely did not expect out of these. Awesome all around! Thanks, O4L <3

Love the lens quality, the frame is sturdy and awesome.

[ Model : t049 ]

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449 Feedback By Dr Agnes 2010 JUL
Great glasses, I love them, friendly customer service (thanks, Doris!), I will recommend this site to friends.

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450 Feedback By Ms. Selena Tsang From BC Canada 2010 JUL
It has been our fourth and fifth glasses ordered from optical4less, and we are very pleased with the quality and fit, even we order on line! Today, we have ordered another pair for our daughter, and they will be great glasses for a very reasonable price. Will be their faithful customers for sure.
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