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601 Feedback By Ms. Elisabeth From NJ USA 2009 SEP
These eyeglasses are awesome! I ordered two pairs with Progressive Lens for myself and my husband, and they arrived in 25 days (after what appears to be Customs opening the package for inspection).

We love the rimless frames - as opposed to a dorky look, they are actually very cool, sturdy and of good quality. The lenses are accurately made based on our prescriptions, and our vision is now crisp and clear. We also gave precise measurements of our present wearing frames at time of order, so the fit of these new ones is properly aligned and no further adjustment is required.

We paid about US$190 for two pairs. The price is very reasonable for the quality of these well-made products.

Communication could be better, though. I wish there were automated replies and confirmation emails sent to my inbox so I didn't have to repeatedly log in to track the order status.

All in all, we're very happy with this purchase. Thank you for bringing your service to the internet worldwide!
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602 Feedback By Mr Louis Gagnon From Quebec Canada 2009 SEP
I am so happy with my new glasses. At first everybody was laughing at me when I told them how much I paid. Now that they saw the great glasses, my mother, my brother, my girlfriend want a pair of glasses from optical4less!

Here are my new glasses:

Mr. Gagnon's rimless 039 glasses. See how fit they are.

[ Model : RL039 ]

Mr. Gagnon's rimless 039 glasses. How much will it cost at LensCrafter? $300? $600 ?

[ Model : RL039 ]

Mr. Gagnon and his prescription safty goggles from Optical4less.

[ Model : P133 ]

Mr. Gagnon with his latest semi rimless desigher style glasses

[ Model : HR063 ]

He seems like the temples of this model so much.

[ Model : HR063 ]

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603 Feedback By Mr From Ontario Canada 2009 SEP
- Received in 20 days.
- In good conditions, no scratches or any damage.
- As ordered, expected frames, glasses.
- One frame needed adjustment, did it myself.
- Satisfied and happy, will use optical4less again.

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604 Feedback By Ms. Lidia 2009 SEP
The glasses are absolutely amazing, great quality, fit perfectly well, I'm very pleased with them.
Speedy delivery - took only 5 days!
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605 Feedback By Ms. From Michigan USA 2009 SEP
This is my first time ordering prescription glasses from Optical4Less and I just received my glasses today! I love all of them! The glasses cost me only a little bit more than $100 for three pairs of glasses. It would cost me about the same amount of price for just one pair if I bought my glasses here. Keep up the good work, keep the price low and I will keep coming back.
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606 Feedback By Ms. Julie Paulin From n/a New Zealand 2009 SEP
I love my sunglasses! I always get compliments on them, and I am always happy to help my friends and admirers (tee hee) about Optical4Less because it's such a great way to save money! Everyone hates shelling out hundreds of dollars for glasses - I never will again! I'm onto my second pair (these without the tint) just for fun - first pair still going strong, despite my toddlers continued interest. I also love being able to 'try on' the glasses on the website - what fun! Thanks for making this company a pleasure to work with.

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607 Feedback By Mr Michael From Derbyshire UK 2009 SEP
We bought these glasses for my sister in law as we have had some great glasses from optical4less and she wanted to try you out.
She is really pleased with the look of the spectacles and can not believe how good they are. She thinks the lenses are light and they fit the frame very well.
She normally pays three times the price we paid for these glasses and she has saved over 200, and in her opinion she has the best glasses she has ever worn!
She will be back!
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608 Feedback By Mr William From TN USA 2009 SEP
If you're like me, you're very skeptical....and very cheap. :) You know what they say. If it's too good to be true, it probably is. But I figured with spectacles (like I want) with a price tag of $400 plus. I figured it was worth the risk to order 2 pairs of great glasses with one of them having a customized sunglasses clip. Coming in at a final tab of $168 including shipping, my glasses arrived from Hong Kong in about two weeks. If you're reading the testimonials.....the tons and tons of them, then just add this one to the positive ones. In fact, I'm THRILLED with them. And at the prices they charge, I'm planning to order some more this weekend. And while they say you can take your new glasses to any store close to you to get them adjusted. Mine arrived perfect. No adjustment needed, but that's just my experience. Thanks Optical4less, you'll be hearing from me again soon. :)
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609 Feedback By Ms. 2009 SEP
My glasses arrived from Hong Kong to Canada in 13 days. They were perfect and exactly as described. I will certainly purchase from you again and I have already told many friends. Thanks so much.
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610 Feedback By Mr Matthew From CA USA 2009 SEP
Thank you for another order well-done! I have ordered glasses for several years from you and I always find that you reply to questions very quickly and with great courtesy. I can also send you copies of my prescription in case I am unsure of my entry and you always comment and make sure the order is right. The making of the glasses is very fast and the shipping by registered mail is received very quickly. The service I receive from Optical 4 Less is better than I could get at home and for much less cost. Thank you again!
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611 Feedback By Mr 2009 SEP
Thanks a lot for the glasses and for good customer service too! It took exactly two weeks to get the glasses and that's pretty good for an international order of these.

After having used the glasses for a while I can only say that I couldn't be more satisfied. They fit perfectly and look good when wearing. And the price is just incredible too, only a 1/5 of what I would have to pay to an optometrist here for the same design and features.
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612 Feedback By Mr Gonzalo From Madrid Spain 2009 SEP
My glasses are cheap and cool!
Great quality and price, Im fully satisfied.
This is my second time and it will be more, sure.

Great quality and price, Im fully satisfied.

[ Model : mb038 ]

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613 Feedback By Ms. Lidia 2009 SEP
I'm very happy with the glasses. Not only do they look good, they were so inexpensive! I have them for one year now and they bear very few signs of being used on a daily basis.
The shopping experience was really good too!
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614 Feedback By Ms. Heather From Manitoba Canada 2009 SEP
I just love my glasses, they are so lightweight and comfortable. The price was unbelievable as I paid a ridiculous amount for my lenses alone from a discount Optician in Canada and the quality is no where near to the quality of lens that I bought here. The clarity of the lens is unbeatable. I will surely recommend you to my frends and family. Optical 4 Less I definitely will be a lifetime customer.
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615 Feedback By Mr Patrick From MO USA 2009 SEP
I could not find any frames that would properly fit my face for as low as what optical4less offers Their service is excellent and I plan on using them from now on. My frames with Transition lens came to a total of $86.00 I have not found anything that can even come close to that price.
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616 Feedback By Mr 2009 SEP
The quality of the product is very high. The lenses (1.8 GLASS with tint) are beautiful.

The frames are nice and as expected but I will need them adjusted more than I can do myself as I like them to sit low.

Great job and I expect to use you again since this was a test to see if your GLASS lens were acceptable since I have always used glass and got stuck with plastic recently. I hate the scratches plastic always get no matter what.


*Albert Press : Instead of the normal adjusting of your glasses , we can do customize adjusting for you before the glasses are shipped. All you need to do is just fill your request within the 'remark' input box while you order. Next time you know what to do 8-)
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617 Feedback By Mr Greg Burgin From NC USA 2009 SEP
I just got my order of 3 pairs of glasses (2 pairs of progressive computer glasses, 1 pair of reading). First, I was surprised at the quality of the frames. They are every bit as good as the frames sold by my optometrist for 3x the price. I was equally surprised at the quality of the lenses. I can't tell ANY difference between these lenses and those provided by my optometrist at a much higher price. Lastly, my order was somewhat complex in that I required a non-standard base curve of 2.00 and I had fears due to this complexity that at least some part of the order would be screwed up. The order was filled exactly as I requested. You have won and new customer and I plan on telling my family and friends about your website. Thanks!!
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618 Feedback By Mr Gary Helmink From FL USA 2009 SEP
Thank you to technicians and service staff like Albert Poon and Doris. My eye glasses are in perfect order. The actual pair are always more spectacular than the photos presented on the site. The supplemental sunglasses clipons are fabulous. Now, my last pair, the prescription is still the same, the lenses are in perfect condition, I would like to send back to mount on a new hinge-less frame. What can I do? You all have kept track of that purchase and record from 2 1/2 year ago. I always recommend Optical4less and have made at least one new customer from my friends. Not everyone believes in the value, but they sure notice it on me.

* (Albert press) I know, I know our product last for years but sorry , we don't do lens replacement anymore. 8-)
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619 Feedback By Mr Brian Braa From CO USA 2009 AUG
Fantastic glasses -- the lenses are extremely well-crafted and the frames fit me properly upon receipt. I need prism lenses in addition to my prescription, which are not available from many vendors, but Optical4Less incorporated them perfectly. The order process was easy, and I received my order in good time. Will definitely order from this company again!
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620 Feedback By Mr From Brussels Belgium 2009 AUG

I am totally happy and surprised by the the high quality lens and frame.

I have saved up to 80%.

I had my old pair of glasses (bought from optical4less a year ago) analysed in Belgium by Hoya laboratory, they said the coating were of excelent quality and the lenses are clear like cristal.

I will buy from you again for sure.

Thank you again.

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621 Feedback By Mr wayne cochran From pa USA 2009 AUG
Just received my latest pair of glasses. This is my third or fourth pair from you. They are the same high quality as all the previous ones. I figure I saved about 60-70% over buying locally. Thank you!
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622 Feedback By Mr Iftekhar Ahmad 2009 AUG
I'm very happy with the service from optical4less.

I been ordering glasses since 2001 and I've recommended many people.

Thanks optical4less
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623 Feedback By Mr Ricky Cervantes From CA USA 2009 AUG
Everyone digs my glasses every time i wear them!

My Pics in Facebook

Everyone digs my glasses every time i wear them!

[ Model : P113 ]

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624 Feedback By Mr Ville-Matti 2009 AUG
I have received the glasses, thanks! I'm very satisfied with the quality of the glasses plus the good customer service - as well as the price of the glasses compared to the typical cost of eyeglasses in my country.
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625 Feedback By Mr Vincent From New York USA 2009 AUG
Excellent quality glasses for a great price! My fiance had lost his last pair of 300 dollar glasses from Lenscrafters and we couldn't afford another pair. The cheapest glasses Lenscrafters would offer us was a 300 dollar pair of plastic glasses even after a 25% discount, it was ridiculous. We couldn't go about not having glasses because of his high prescription. I went straight-away online and found this site. A good number of blogs recommended Optical4Less so I thought I'd try it even though a few other sites offered lower prices. I could not be happier taking that chance. The glasses got from Hong Kong to New York within 8 says of being shipped. The metal is strong and not cheap looking at all. The quality of the frames surpass the last pair we bought from lenscrafters. The prescription is perfect! We are so happy! Thank you for letting my fiance see again without having to pay outrageous prices! We will be back. =D
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