Optical4Less.com Online Fitting Room Tutorial


Tutorial : Upload your photo

1) Press the 'Browse...' button to select the 'face photo'

2) Press the 'Upload' button to transfer your image to server

3) Done

Tutorial : Auto Fitting

1) Drag the Image and make the eyes near the eyeglasses
2) Press the Quick Setup Button
3) Click once on each eyes
4) The tools will automatic resize the image to fit to the eyeglasses

Tutorial : Manage Your Photos

1) Click 'Click here to manage your photo in UserPanel' to manage your photo in UserPanel
- Set Default (while loading any item , this photo will load first)
- Remove (permanent remove this photo)

Tutorial : Tinting

1) Click the 'Tinting' Tab Panel
2) Choose the Color you want from the color table
3) Select difference alpha value of your color
4) Select difference gradient-alpha value of your color

Tutorial : Effect - Clip Arts

1) Click the 'Effect' Tab Panel
2) Click on the Clip Arts you want to add
3) You can drag your Clip Arts anywhere
4) Add as many clip arts as you want to. Have some fun!

Tutorial : Effect - Clip Arts Removal

1) Put your mouse to 'Right Top' of the clip arts
2) Click on the [X] Button to remove the clip arts

Tutorial : Special Effect - Mosaic

1) Click on the 'Mosaic Effect' link on below
2) Drag the Mosaic Effect Image to the position you want to cover

Tutorial : Special Effect - Chatbox

1) Click on the 'Chatbox' link on below
2) Click the 'E' button inside the flash
3) Enter the text in the dialog
4) Press Escape or Click otherwhere to cancel the edit mode

Tutorial : Export(Capture)

1) Click on the 'Capture this picture for sharing or polling privately'
2) you can copy the link in chatbox and send to your friends
3) you can also save the image by right clicking on the image

Tutorial : Export(Capture) - Polling

1) Click the 'UserPanel' Link to access UserPanel

Or Click [ UserPanel ] -> [ Manage Photo ] -> [ Exported Image ]
2) Click the 'Add to Poll' Button (Red Arrow)
Enter the Description (Blue Arrow)

'- Remove ' link , permanent remove this export photo.

3) Enter the Title (Black Arrow)
To Exclude the image , Click the Remove Button/Link (Red Arrow)
4) Click the 'Create your vote poll!' (Blue Arrow)
5) Copy the link(Red Arrow) and send to your friends!
6) You can Preview your vote page by using the link generated.